Star Wars: Thrawn Trade Paperback (TPB) From Marvel Comics Is Getting A New Printing!

Hello there everywookiee! Today I come with some fun news.

With the increased interest in Grand Admiral Thrawn ever since his live action debut in the trailer for the Ahsoka DisneyPlus show the demand for his comics has gone through the roof. Not just single issues either, the original printing of the collected edition of Star Wars: Thrawn has gone anywhere from $40-$80 on eBay. That’s a pretty penny for a book format that is not traditionally considered a collector’s item.

The good news? The surprisingly hard to find comic adaptation of Timothy Zahn’s novel Thrawn, which provides the backstory as to how Thrawn became a member of the Empire and rose to the rank of Grand Admiral, aptly titled Star Wars: Thrawn by Marvel Comics is getting a new printing that will come out in August! Meaning you can pay a reasonable price to get your hands on this book.

Last week I noticed that the Star Wars: Thrawn Trade Paperback was listed on TFAW with the option to “backorder” the book and they would ship it within 15-30 days.

Star Wars Thrawn Trade Paperback TFAW

At the time I kind of assumed the listing was inaccurate and that, in a few days or so, I would get an email explaining the error and that my order would be canceled. Fortunately, it looks like that won’t be the case.

Here’s the listing to reserve yours.

The one thing I am unsure of though is if this is a true backorder and they’ll be shipping out the books in 15-30 days, meaning they got their hands on a bunch of the first print versions, or if this listing is for the August release of the new printing. Time will tell.

Side note: TFAW also has a handful of other hard to find TPBs and Epic Collections listed on the site like the Star Wars Tales of the Jedi Vol 1 Epic Collection that includes all of the legends Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi comics. Here’s the link to that book or you can click here to see all of the “backorders” that were recently added.

That’s all for now! Hope this helps if you’ve been looking for this book.

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