Pre-Sale Live For High Republic 10 Exclusive Variant By Mico Suayan

Dropping off a quick heads up that the Star Wars: High Republic #10 exclusive variant sets by artist Mico Suayan and The Comic Corner officially went live this past Friday at 6pm EST. This is the final issue of a ten-part run by Cavan Scott for Phase II of The High Republic.

Wanted to make this post just in case you missed the release. It was during dinner on a Friday so I don’t blame you if you did :). Or if you don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram (shame on you!)

Here are the details.

This is a store exclusive so these variants will be only sold (as far as I know) by The Comic Corner.

There will be a Trade Dress variant that is limited to 800 copies and a virgin variant that is limited to 600 copies. All comics comic with a numbered certificate of authenticity to verify the print numbers,

Oh… and here’s the art. Some of the best High Republic art to date in my opinion.

You can get your pre-orders in here or if it’s sold out by the time you see this then you can also check eBay.

As always, buy what you love and do not buy anything just because I like it. It’s your money. You worked hard for it. Spend it how you want.

That’s all for now.

Grand Admiral Frik.

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