Boba Fett First Comic Appearance Original Art by Russ Manning Up For Auction for $15,000!

Boba Fett first appearance selling for $15,000! is currently running their Event Auction #53! Among the treasure trove of items are 4 original Star Wars Sunday Newspaper comic strips drawn an written by Russ Manning and published by LA Times Syndicate. Bidding ends March 13, 2023!

Russ is more widely known for his work on the Tarzan strip, but Star Wars is part of his claim to fame as well!

These bidders have run far and away from my price range, but there are some serious pieces of Star Wars comic history up for auction at comicconnect right now.

The granddaddy of the entire set is Sunday Strip #68, published 6/2/1980. The first newspaper comic appearance of Boba Fett in Star Wars Sunday Strip #68. This issue predates most collector’s favorite Boba Fett “first”, Star Wars #42 (9/23/1980). It even predates the UK Empire Strikes Back Weekly #127 (7/31/1980). It kicks off the final Star Wars story drawn and written by Russ Manning, the Frozen World of Ota! Unfortunately, Russ passed away in 1980 mid-way through this story. It was completed by Dave Stevens and Rick Hoberg. Then, eventually, the newspaper strip was handed off to Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson to see it through to the end.

This monster piece of comics history is currently sitting at a $15,000 bid!

Boba Fett first newspaper comic appearance original art by Russ Manning

Yeah, those natives are on snowboards. Yeah, Boba Fett was flying a Tie Fighter. Yes, Luke and Boba Fett also later use aforementioned snowboards.

Next, there’s this tryout page that Russ Manning used to convince the powers that be that a newspaper comic would be a good value-add to the Star Wars brand. It’s all pencils and features Han Solo disguised as a Tusken Raider. It also features the original proposed title, “The Adventures of Luke Skywalker”. Currently it’s sitting at $2,500.

Next there’s the Star Wars Sunday Strip #2 featuring C-3PO talking to a giant underground Super-Computer named Mnemos below the Yavin base. It’s sitting at $9,100.

Finally, Star Wars Sunday Strip #29 sitting at $8,200. Another grant newspaper strip by Russ Manning, recounting the events of A New Hope in a flashback.

Bidding ends March 13, 2023!

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