Murder Droid Triple Zero Getting A 12 Inch Jumbo Figure By Gentle Giant This Year

Murder Droid Triple Zero Getting A 12 Inch Jumbo Figure By Gentle Giant

If you’ve read the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra comics you know who Triple Zero aka 0-0-0 is. A silver C-3PO looking protocol droid with red euts who’s more into torturing organics than translating different languages for a master.

Triple Zero and his companion BT-1 appeared for the first time in Star Wars: Darth Vader #3 (same issue as Doctor Aphra’s first comic appearance) and have been raising hell throughout the galaxy ever since.

Gentle Giant has announced pre-orders for a 12 inch Star Wars: Triple Zero Jumbo Figure that will be coming out sometime between July and September. I’m assuming that gave that big of a range just in case of production delays.

You can pre-order one here. Final order cutoff is February 27, 2023.

A Gentle Giant LTD release! Don’t shake his hand! The droid 0-0-0, a.k.a. Triple Zero, is more than a protocol droid his specialties include etiquette, customs, translation and torture. A deceptively murderous artificial intelligence, Triple Zero is now the latest 1/6 scale, 12-inch Jumbo figure! Inspired by the vintage Star Wars figures of yesteryear, this 12-inch figure comes packaged on a resealable blister card with retro-style card art.

These figures are pretty damn cool. I’ve seen the Mandalorian figure in person and it comes in enormous packaging. Here’s one I saw in the wild last year. Note the trade paperback for scale.

Just sharing because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Triple Zero and I cannot wait for Aphra (and hopefully the Murder Droids) to show up in live action.

We all know it’s coming. Just a matter of time.

For Light and Life!

Grand Admiral Frik

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