New Exclusive Variant For Star Wars: Hidden Empire #4 by Inhyuk Lee

New Exclusive Variant For Star Wars: Hidden Empire #4 by Inhyuk Lee

About an hour or so ago both Eastside Comics and Mutant Beaver Comics announced that they’ll be selling a retailer exclusive variant of Star Wars: Hidden Empire #4 with art by Inhyuk Lee.

The cover features two best friends, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, dueling it out on what looks to be a dbig tree. No clue how things get to that point but I’m game to find out when the Star Wars: Hidden Empire #4 hits stores on March 1st, 2023.

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This variant will go on pre-sale this Wednesday, February 22 at 2pm Easter and will be limited to 500 copies sold. Each comic will come with an individually numbered COA.

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #4 Inhyuk Lee Exclusive Variant

This isn’t the only retailer exclusive for Star Wars: Hidden Empire #4 as 616 Comics and their partners also have an exclusive variant featuring The Archivist by artist Patch Zircher. That exclusive will have both a Trade Dress (LTD 3000) and Virgin (LTD 1000) variants which are already available to pre-order here.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the final two issues of the Hidden Empire as we wrap up Charles Soules Qi’ra Trilogy which started with Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters – Alpha almost two years ago.

I say “cautiously” because, while I’ve enjoyed the read, it feels like a ton needs to happen in the final two chapters to wrap this thing up nicely.

You can see all of the other variants for Star Wars: Hidden Empire below.

Star Wars Hidden Empire 4 | March 01 2023


THE ENDGAME GAMBIT APPROACHES! The final moves of Lady Qi’ra’s great game have begun. The Sith have been summoned, and the Fermata Cage will open… For Qi’ra, it’s all or nothing.

In Shops: March 01 2023


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