New Star Wars Comics and Books For February 22nd, 2023

Next Wednesday, February 22 there are three new Star Wars comics coming to comic stores near you, including Star Wars: Yoda #4, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #29, and Star Wars: High Republic Adventures – The Nameless Terror #1.

Star Wars: Yoda #4 will kick off a new 3-issue arc by author Jody Houser set years before the Clone Wars that features Master Yoda teaching younglings with the help of his former apprentice, Master Dooku. No clue if they will be significant moving forward but there will be multiple first appearances of Jedi younglings, including the first appearance of Gheyr, the Trandoshan Jedi who appears on the cover of the Peach Momoko Women’s History Month variant for Star Wars: Yoda #5

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #29 continues the story of Aphra battling the Spark Eternal in her own head for control of her body. I’ve loved this arc so far and cover A by Ema Lupacchino is really well done.

Star Wars: High Republic Adventures – The Nameless Terror #1 is the first issue of a 4-part mini-series by author George Mann from Dark Horse comics that will follow Jedi and their pathfinder teams on a mission to Dalna where they will clash with the Path of the Open Hand and a “Nameless Terror.” I posted the multi-page preview a few weeks ago that shows some of the new characters we’ll be getting in this series. I’ve been looking forward to this one ever since it was announced back at Star Wars Celebration 2022.

Also know that next Monday, February 20th, is the final order cutoff date for Star Wars: High Republic Adventures #3, Star Wars: Darth Vader #32, and two trade paperbacks for the High Republic and Mandalorian comic series. Scroll to the FOC section below for all of the details and variants.

Check out everything new coming up below and get your pre-orders in over at TFAW.

Quick Shortcuts: (not just Star Wars)

Star Wars: Yoda #4

Cover by PHIL NOTO
Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW
Variant Cover by RACHAEL STOTT

  • Years before the Clone Wars, Yoda asks an old friend to come teach the next generation of Jedi alongside him – Master Dooku.
  • And with mysterious visions haunting one of his students, Master Yoda will need all the help he can get…

32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

In Shops: Feb 22, 2023


Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #29


(W) Alyssa Wong (A) Natacha Bustos (CA) Emanuela Lupacchino


The SPARK ETERNAL sets its sights on CRIMSON DAWN! As SANA STARROS and MAGNA TOLVAN race to intercept it, will DOCTOR APHRA’S most desperate gambit pay off? Or will she be lost to the SPARK ETERNAL forever?

Rated T

In Shops: Feb 22, 2023


Star Wars The High Republic Adventures: The Nameless Terror #1 | Phase 2

Format: 4-part mini-series

(W) George Mann (A) Eduardo Mello (CA) Ornella Savarese

Even in the shining light of the High Republic, there are shadows lurking in the galaxy.

A Jedi mission to the planet Dalna suddenly comes under attack by unknown assailants. As the knights retreat to an ancient structure, it quickly becomes clear that they are far from safe.

Something evil stalks the ruins, a ruthless predator, an unknown terror, a Nameless Fear!

In Shops: February 22nd, 2023


Star Wars Comic Book FOC Deadlines

For those who aren’t familiar, FOC, or Final Order Cut Off, is when publishers and distributors require retailers to get their orders in. Printers then print according to that number (sometimes with overages). So, if you want to absolutely guarantee you get a book, best bet is to order it before FOC. Final Order Cut Off is Monday 2/20/23 this week.

Let’s dive in…

Star Wars The High Republic Adventures #3 (2022)

Format: 8 Part Series

(W) Daniel Jose Older (A) Toni Bruno (CA) Harvey Tolibao

Hidden aboard the Dank Graks ship, Sav, Maz Kanata, and her crew pause to plot their next move, while the villainous Arkik makes preparations to acquire a devastating new weapon.

When the deal gets explosive, Sav must make an important decision: save her new friends, or save her own skin! 

In Shops: March 08, 2023


Star Wars: Darth Vader #32 – Mar 22, 2023


(W) Greg Pak (A) Ibraim Roberson (CA) Rahzzah


Few bonds in the galaxy are as strong as the sisterhood of the former handmaidens of Padm? Amidala. But all that was threatened when Sab? entered the service of Darth Vader, the man the handmaidens always believed was responsible for Padmé’s death.

Now Dormé, Saché, Rabé and Eirtaé are determined to save Sabé – or stop her, no matter what. But the influence of the Dark Lord is strong and dangerous – and not just to Sabé. What path will the handmaidens choose? And how does all this play into Darth Vader’s true plans?

Rated T

In Shops: Mar 22, 2023

SRP: $3.99


Star Wars Mandalorian Trade Paperback TPB Vol 2: Season 1 Part 2

Note: This will be the second of 2 Marvel Trade Paperbacks for The Mandalorian Season 1 adaption. It will include the last 4 issues.

(W) Rodney Barnes (A) Georges Jeanty (CA) Hans

Din Djarin, the armored bounty hunter better known as The Mandalorian, has been a smash-hit on Disney+ for two incredible seasons. Now, at last, the Mandalorian arrives on the comics page – in the first half of an action-packed adaptation of the show’s first season! The bounty hunter has agreed to track down a target for a mysterious ex-Imperial client who offers to pay in Beskar, a rare metal revered by Mandalorians. But when Djarin locates the target – the adorable green toddler known only as The Child – all bets are off! Will Djarin follow his Mandalorian code and turn over the Child? And if he doesn’t, what will the consequences be? Prepare for a gritty adventure through the Star Wars universe featuring mercenaries, Blurrgs, mudhorns and more! This is the way!

COLLECTING: Star Wars: The Mandalorian (2022) 1-4

In Shops: May 03 2023

Star Wars The High Republic TPB Volume 1 – Balance of the Force | Phase II

CAVAN SCOTT (W) • (A/CA) Ario Anindito

A new chapter begins! One hundred and fifty years before the fall of Starlight, another beacon burns bright in the galaxy – a beacon of faith and spirituality. Jedha. The Pilgrim Moon. The Kyber Heart. But tensions are rising in the holy city, and dark days are to come.

Jedi Vildar Mac, safe and secure in who he is and what he could be, arrives just as Jedha’s fragile peace begins to crumble. With one Jedi lying dead in an ancient shrine, another takes up the murderer’s trail. Who is using ancient Force powers on the streets of the holy city? Why are sacred relics going missing? And why do all roads lead to the Temple of the Whills?

Collecting STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC (2022) #1-5.

Rated T

In Shops: May 02, 2023

Order at TFAW – $12.59

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