Next Star Wars Films To Be Unveiled At 2023 Star Wars Celebration

Reports say new Star Wars Films will be announced at Celebration Europe 2023

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Disney is expected to unveil plans for the next theatrical Star Wars releases at Star Wars Celebration, set for April in London.

The franchise has been missing from the big screen since 2019. That would be a rather normal pause between releases in the days of the original trilogy and the Prequels, but Disney’s initial onslaught of films were hitting once a year between 2015 and 2019. With Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron in a sort of production purgatory, any concrete news about release schedules will be welcome!

Disney has ramped up its efforts to return the franchise to theaters. Damon Lindelof led a writers room in July to hash out a story for a feature, and Taika Waititi is still developing his own take on the franchise. Disney is expected to unveil film plans at Star Wars Celebration, set for April in London.” –The Hollywood Reporter

This news comes about during a seemingly ironic announcement from Bob Iger’s February 8th announcement that Disney would start “curating” its streaming and theatrical content more carefully, choosing its “extraordinarily expensive” productions a little more judiciously.

“We want the quality on the screen, but we have to look at what they cost us,” stated Iger.

“There is going to be a level of rigor on Marvel and across the entire company,” a Disney insider said this week.

“Lucasfilm may ramp up, but it will have to abide by the same fiscal discipline as the rest of the company,” says the insider.

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