Who is Alareen Xie from Star Wars #31?

Star Wars #31 by Charles Soule hits shelves on Wednesday, February 15th and from the official preview of the issue, we know that this story will give us the background as to how the Kezaret Convoy got trapped in no-space and become the Kezaret Colony.

Spending hundreds of years creating their own semi-civilization on the ships. Enough time for multiple generations to have come and go without ever knowing if they or their children would make it back to real-space again.

While I personally have not read it yet, late last night I was DM’d screenshots of a very interesting exchange between the leader of the Kezaret Colony and Luke Skywalker from a few panels of tomorrow’s issue.


The screenshot shows the Kezaret Leader, an Abyssin who was part of the original group that got lost in no-space (Abyssin can live up to 300 years old), telling Luke Skywalker that, while no one has ever left, new people have arrived every so often in no-space… including a High Republic Era Jedi named Alareen Xie.

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A Jedi that made such a big impact that they enshrined her in what looks like some kind of an art installation.

High Republic Era Jedi named Alareen Xie

They then go on to explain that Alareen joined the Kezaret Colony after ending up in no-space and helped them defeat the leftover Nihil to ensure the colony survived.

High Republic Era Jedi named Alareen Xie

I’ve read pretty nearly every High Republic book and Alareen Xie is a new name to me. Seems to me that this could be a direct tie in with events that will take place in Phase III of the High Republic later this year.

Now, will this be considered an appearance? Or just a mention? You can’t really see much of her in the panels that I’ve seen.

At the very minimum this is just a super cool Easter egg for what’s to come in phase III.

How did the Convoy actually end up in no-space? Likewise, how did Alareen Xie get there? Were the Nihil that remained in no-space stationed there? Or were they all trapped there too? Super excited to find out.

Be sure to get your pre-orders in for Star Wars #31. I’ll add links to all of the variants below.

Star Wars #31 Variants


Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and an elite crew of Rebel heroes are lost in the farthest reaches of No-Space after a mission gone wrong. A desperate maneuver is their only chance to find a way home – but what will it cost them?

In Shops: February 15, 2023


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