Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures The Nameless Terror #1 Preview

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures The Nameless Terror #1 Preview

Star Wars: High Republic Adventures – The Nameless Terror #1 (of 4) by Dark Horse comics is out on February 22, 2023, and, while we’ve got some art previews in the past, the latest lettered edition (below) of the preview provides more details on what to expect.

This 4-part series by author George Mann (Quest for the Hidden City, Battle of Jedha) will be narrated by my girl and former Jedi turned space Witcher, Ty Yorrick, as she tells a story she heard from her former master about the Nameless. Ty Yorrick first appeared in High Republic Adventures: The Monster of Temple Peak #1.

In the preview, we also see that George Mann brought in one of the characters from his middle-grade book, The High Republic Quest for the Hidden City, Jedi Master Rok Buran. Rok is a Bith Jedi that was trapped on the ravaged planet Gloam where he lost his Padawan Maliq to some crazy bat monsters. You read my review of Quest for the Hidden City here.

There are a bunch of potential first comic appearances in this book. No surprise for the first issue of any High Republic Series. Assuming they don’t show up in High Republic #5 by marvel first, this issue will include:

First appearance of Rok Buran

First appearance of Xinith

First appearance of Pako

and the first appearance of Coron Solstis

Should be a ton of fun but if they are facing off against the Nameless… I don’t have high hopes many make it out alive.

Check out the preview, publisher description, and get your pre-orders in for the first issue below!

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Star Wars The High Republic Adventures: The Nameless Terror #1 | Phase 2

Format: 4-part mini-series

(W) George Mann (A) Eduardo Mello (CA) Ornella Savarese

Even in the shining light of the High Republic, there are shadows lurking in the galaxy.

A Jedi mission to the planet Dalna suddenly comes under attack by unknown assailants. As the knights retreat to an ancient structure, it quickly becomes clear that they are far from safe.

Something evil stalks the ruins, a ruthless predator, an unknown terror, a Nameless Fear!

In Shops: February 22nd, 2023


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