PREVIEW: Meet the Starros Clan in Star Wars: Sana Starros #1

PREVIEW: Meet the Starros Clan in Star Wars: Sana Starros #1

In 2022 Marvel announced that author Justina Ireland was set to create a much anticipated 5-part Sana Starros comic mini-series with illustrator Pera Perez. I’ve said it before but it’s about damn time we learn more about Sana. She’s been in comics since Star Wars #4 from the 2015 run.

Well, the wait is over as the first issue is set to hit stores in just a few days on Wednesday February 1st. Late yesterday posted a short preview of the issue that introduces some key members o the Starros clan.

First appearances in the preview alone:

The first appearance of Thea “Grammy” Starros who was described by Marvel as the matriarch of the family. Her first cover appearance will be on the Peach Momoko Women’s History Month Variant for Sana Starros #2.

See all variants for all issue of Star Wars: Sana Starros here.

The first appearance of Aryssha Starros. Sana’s cousin.

The first appearance of Mevera Starros. Sana’s aunt.

And the first appearances (in a flashback) of Phel Starros. Sana’s brother. Phel will be on the Black History Month variant for Sana Starros #2.

I’ve actually already read this issue but since this is a spoiler free preview I’ll keep plot points to myself. But I will say there are more new characters than we see in the preview. Plus, if you dig The High Republic like I do there are multiple High Republic easter eggs spattered throughout

Check out out the preview and all variants for the first issue below.

Star Wars: Sana Starros #1

JUSTINA IRELAND (W) • PERE PEREZ (A) • Cover by Ken Lashley

STARRING IN HER FIRST EVER SOLO SERIES! Fresh off of a string of disappointments, Sana Starros returns to her family’s ancestral home for some downtime. But family time is far from relaxing for a scoundrel and her family of ne’er do wells, especially when Stormtroopers crash dinner…

Watch as JUSTINA IRELAND and PERE PEREZ bring Sana Starros to new heights!


In Shops: February 01, 2023

SRP: $4.99


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