PREVIEW: Valance Gets Some Bad News in Star Wars Bounty Hunters #30

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #30 hit shops next week on January 18th, 2023 and I’ve tracked down the official preview for the issue.

The preview shows Imperial Cade turned Bounty Hunter turned Imperial Cyborg Beilert finding out that the Empire tracked down Cadeliah, who was being watched over by his ex-wife and her new husband and massacred everyone there aside from Cadeliah.

If you need a refresher Cadeliah is the love child of Krynthia (Unbroken Clan) and Khamus (Mourner’s Wail Syndicate) and the rightful heir of both criminal syndicates since both of her parents are dead.

If you forgot all about her and a lot of the details then you are not alone. This story has been all over the place and has struggled to the Cadeliah plot point seems to come in and out without much real meaning. You can read her full story and all details here on Wookieepedia.

Her first appearance was in Star Wars Bounty Hunters #1. You can check eBay listings for that issue here.

Cadeliah in Bounty Hunters #4

When Beilert finds out that his ex has been murdered he goes into a state of rage/panic/horror. This is undoubtedly lead him to once again try and take down Vader and the Empire instead of helping them.

Check check out the full preview and all variants of Bounty Hunters #30 below. Also be sure to get your pre-orders in over at TFAW if they’re not sold out. If they are sold out you can also check out eBay listings here.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #30 – January 18 2022


• T’onga and her team of bounty hunters find themselves in the crosshairs of an old ally!
• But how will Valance react to learning the dark secret that has been kept from him?
• Can any of them survive the full might of a vindictive Empire?

32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

In Shops: Jan 18 2022


Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #30 Preview

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