Star Wars: The High Republic #4 Includes Multiple First Appearances of Key Characters

Star Wars: The High Republic #4 (2022) from Marvel comics came out today and boy oh boy it’s a doozy.

Tons of action, plot development and first appearances. Author Cavan Scott has spent the first three issues building up the situation and setting the stage by introducing Jedi’s Vildar Mac and Matty Cathely, Tey Sirrek (and his unfortunate fall from grace), and the different force religions on Jedha that make up The Convocation.

The situation was this… tensions on Jedha are high. Different religious groups that all have a different take on the force and their hubris does not allow them to bend their beliefs. Making Jedha a powder keg ready to explode. I’m going to do a separate post on the different religions to break down what we know.

You can check out all the variants at the bottom of this page but don't forget to check out our Drunk Wooky High Republic Phase II Checklist here. (open in a new tab)

Much of the issue focuses on an emergency meeting with the Convocation of the Force representatives trying to figure out who caused the explosion in the Temple of Kyber. At the meeting we see Jedi Master Leebon sitting at the table. Master Leebon was in The High Republic #1 but in hologram only.

This is her first appearance in person and will likely be considered her first “full” appearance in a comics.

First Appearance Master Leebon Star Wars The High Republic #4

and The Path of The Open Hand petitioning to dissolve the Convocation since their use of the force is too dangerous to be allowed to continue.

In this exchange we get the first comic appearances of Werth Plouth, known as The Herald of The Path of the Open Hand and, Marchion Ro’s ancestor and Marda Ro’s sister, Yana Ro.

First Appearance Yana Ro and The Herald Star Wars The High Republic #4

I had flip flopped on whether the Evereni on the cover was Yana Ro or her sister Marda Ro… but it’s clearly Yana Ro. On a following page we see her holding the Rod of Seasons, a force artifact that The Mother had her steal in the events of The Path of Deceit.

The Rod of Seasons Star Wars The High Republic #4

The Rod of Seasons is one of two rods. The other is the Rod of Daybreak that is currently located in the Jedi vaults at the order’s temple on… Jedha. The plan is for the Path of the Open Hand, meaning Yana and the other “Children” of the Path, to steal it from the temple. Though its unclear if the Path knows it’s in the Jedi temple where it was moved from its original place in the Temple of Kyber.

Why are these rods important? They control the Leveler. aka The Nameless. The spooky-ass-ghost-dog-looking-creatures that can make force users so scared they hallucinate before being completely devoured and turned to husks.

The Leveler Star Wars The High Republic #4

Super fun issue with a whole lot going on. Really excited to dive into the rest of the Battle of Jedha and where, if any, crossover occurs with the Battle of Jedha audio-drama that came out last week.

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Star Wars The High Republic #4 | Phase 2

(W) Cavan Scott (A) Ario Anindito (CA) Ario Anindito

• The Temple of the Whills has been attacked, Vildar Mac critically injured in the blast. Is Tey Sirrek to blame?
• The Herald of the Open Hand has arrived to address the Convocation, but just what is the nameless horror that lurks in the streets of the Holy City?
• The Battle of Jedha begins here!

In Shops: January 11, 2022


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