PREVIEW: The Convocation Looks For Answers In The High Republic #4

A little later than usual but I was just able to track down the Star Wars: High Republic #4 official preview!

I mentioned multiple times already that I am VERY excited to get to this point in the story. The Battle of Jedha! And with it the likely first appearances of many of the characters from the novels, including the leadership of the Path of the Open Hand; The Herald, The Mother, Yana Ro, and Marda Ro.

The preview didn’t disappoint either. One of the story lines I was most excited to explore was how the different force religions interacted with each other on Jedha. We got a taste of that in the First issue of The High Republic and it appears the pace is about to pick up quick.

In the preview we learn that Archivist Zumeg was killed in the explosion from last issue but Archivist Oranalli is still alive. I am not sure if they were named in the last issue or not. Going to have to revisit last issue.

We also learn that whatever species Representative Susalee is can heal people with her force leaves (or whatever they are) similar to how a bacta tank works.

Should be a fun one!

And, though they weren’t in the preview, I still expect at least a few new members of the Path of the Open Hand to show up.

The issue comes out on January 11th, 2023.

Check check out the full preview and all variants of High Republic #4 below. Also be sure to get your pre-orders in over at TFAW if they’re not sold out. If they are sold out you can also check out eBay listings here.

Star Wars The High Republic #4 | Phase 2

(W) Cavan Scott (A) Ario Anindito (CA) Ario Anindito

• The Temple of the Whills has been attacked, Vildar Mac critically injured in the blast. Is Tey Sirrek to blame?
• The Herald of the Open Hand has arrived to address the Convocation, but just what is the nameless horror that lurks in the streets of the Holy City?
• The Battle of Jedha begins here!

In Shops: January 11, 2022


Star Wars: High Republic #4 Preview

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