Star Wars: Yoda #1 and Star Wars: Revelations #1 Are Getting A 2nd Printing

A few days ago, on the heels of announcing that The Mandalorian #5 and Hidden Empire #1 are getting a 2nd print, Penguin Random House added a 2nd print variant for both Star Wars Yoda #1 and Star Wars Revelations #1, with a final order cutoff of December 5, 2022.

Both will hit shelves in comic shops on January 18, 2023.

It’s not really surprising as both comics are key issues. Star Wars Yoda #1 has the first appearances of a whole slew of characters including two High Republic Jedi Council Members; Jedi Master Dijuka and Jedi Master Sutan.

No clue if they will be big deal or not but they were included and named for a reason.

And Star Wars Revelations has the first appearance of aa droid revolutionary leader, Ajax Sigma.

In the issue, the Eye of Webbish Bogg makes a very big deal about Ajax. He speaks in riddles so it’s hard to know exactly what the significance of Ajax is but the droid will clearly play a big role in the Hidden Empire arc and likely beyond.

First Appearance 
ajax sigma Star Wars Revelations

Ajax Sigma reminds me of a combination of L3 from Solo and 0-0-0. It hates “organics” and wants droids to be out from under their control.

Ajax has led a droid revolution before eventually being destroyed in The High Republic era by Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm.

Loden Greatstorm Ajax Sigma

But Ajax’s memory and personality were still intact inside of his neural core. Being traded from droid to droid and eventually human to human before Han Solo and Chewbacca got ahold of it and buried it for reasons we do not yet understand.

I expect this story to be told by the end of the Han Solo and Chewbacca storyline since Marc Guggenheim is also penning that series.

Now he’s been rebuilt by his droid loyalists and has already massacred a ton of “organics.” And is looking for something he lost during his final battle on the secret Kligson’s Moon before being struck down by the Jedi.

I bring this up because this character could (and likely will) show back up in High Republic content AND still has a prominent place in the current timeline of Hidden Empire. We know that The Spark Eternal can control machines so it will be interesting to see if Ajax becomes a part of the Spark, Triple O, and BT murder squad to try and take out Vader and Poppa Palpatine.

Another key moment in Star Wars Revelations is an appearance of Iden Versio and the Inferno Squad. Their first cameo appearance was in Star Wars Hidden Empire #1 and, while I would personally consider their appearance in Star Wars Revelations #1 as another “cameo”, Key Collector Comics is calling it heir first full appearance.

Based on the page below I’d anticipate Inferno Squad’s story being played out in the Star Wars Bounty Hunters Series.

Inferno Squadron Comics

At the time of me writing this we do not have cover art for the 2nd print of Yoda #1 or Revelations #1 but I will update everyone on the @drunkwooky Instagram account once it’s announced.

You can still pre-order Star Wars: Yoda #1 2nd Print here and Star Wars: Revelations #1 2nd Print here if you are going to pick up a copy or two regardless of what the art is.

That’s all for now friends!

Stay tuned for more updates as we have a TON more on the way.

Some that you will 100% want to hear about.

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