COVER REVEAL: Nihil Droid Sentry to Appear on Genolet Design Variant for Star Wars #30

COVER REVEAL: Nihil Droid Sentry to Appear on Genolet Design Variant for Star Wars #30

We got our first look at the Andres Genolet 1:10 retailer incentive variant for Star Wars #30 by Charles Soule and Romon Rosanas and it’s pretty damn cool in my opinion.

Final order cutoff for this variant is Monday November 21st, 2022.

Check it out!

This fella is part of the Nihil Droid Sentry in Phase I of The High Republic and are first mentioned in The Light of the Jedi, the very first adult novel in The High Republic era and also written by Charles Soule. They were originally created by Marchion Ro’s father, Asgar Ro, as a safeguard to make sure the tempest runners didn’t try to kill him.

Marchion inherited them when Asgar died and kept them on the Great Hall of the Nihil and his ship, The Gaze Electric.

Based on the official publisher description for the issue (see below) we know that Luke and Leia are going to Nihil no-space to try and find a long lost stash of coaxium and tibanna gas to use for the Rebellion. This treasure trove of ship and blaster fuel was stolen by the Nihil and presumed lost… but smugglers still believed it to be out there somewhere.

Since the Stephanie Hans 1:25 variant shows what appear to be Nihil warriors fighting Luke on the cover. I think its likely that those warriors are actually these droids who’ve been tasked with protecting the Nihil home base even though the Nihil no longer exist.

This issue is a Star Wars: Hidden Empire crossover issue. Check out the Drunk Wooky Hidden Empire reading order and checklist post for all issues and variants for that crossover event.

You can also see all of the variants for Star Wars #30 below.

Star Wars #30 – Jan 04, 2022


Some of the Rebel Alliance’s best and brightest have gotten lost in an unknown region of space while hunting for a lost treasure. How will LUKE SKYWALKER, LEIA ORGANA, CHEWBACCA, LANDO CALRISSIAN and AMILYN HOLDO ever survive the horrors…of NO-SPACE?

In Stores: January 04, 2022


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