Iden Versio First Cover Appearance Will be On Bounty Hunters #28 Variant

First Iden Versio Cover Appearance

Exciting news for Battlefront II fans today as it’s been revealed that Iden Versio will be on the cover of the Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #28 “Revelations” Variant by Taurin Clarke.

First Iden Versio Cover Appearance
First Iden Versio Cover Appearance

Unless there is some secret comic I don’t know about this will be the first cover appearance of Iden Versio on a comic book. I also think it’s likely that she’s in the story as well. First off, why would she be on the cover if she wasn’t? I know, I know… there are plenty of variants with characters on the cover who are not in the story but the rest of the characters drawn in the art are all part of the main cast of the Bounty Hunters comic run.

Also story-wise it makes sense to include her. Iden was a Tie Fighter pilot in the Imperial Navy and eventually became the Commander of an an elite special forces squadron called, The Inferno Squad. Most importantly though is that her squad participated in the Battle of Endor (on the side of the Empire) as the 2nd Death Star was blown up. She eventually turned on the Empire after the orders to commence operation Cinder were sent out after Sidious was “dead.”

You may remember Operation Cinder from the Mandalorian season two episode with Migs Mayfeld (Bill Burr) talking about how thousands of Imperial forces were killed by the Empire during that initiative when he and Din Djarin infiltrated an Imperial base with the help of Boba and Fennec.

Iden eventually turns on the Imperial Remnant and eventually plays a pivotal role getting the First Order Dreadnaught plans to the Resistance that they used to create an edge against the first order.

The bulk of her story is told in Star Wars Battlefront II (game and novel) but is mentioned in other books and is a character in a handful of other games.

So why does it make sense for her to be in comic story? Because this issue of Bounty Hunters #28 will almost certainly tie into the Star Wars: Hidden Empire comic crossover event that will 100% have to do with Palpatine and the Death Star.

This first appearance is especially notable to me because, since Moff Gideon will be a key player in Mandalorian moving forwards, its safe to assume that we are going to get more backstory on the Imperial Remnant and I would not be surprised to Janina Gavankar reprise her role from the Battlefront games to be in The Mandalorian. The seeds were planted for this when Migs mentioned Operation Cinder.

Should be a whole lot of fun and could be a key issue. You can check out all three variatns for the issue below and be sure to get in your pre-orders at TFAW.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #28 – Nov 2, 2022


• The bounty hunters are locked in a desperate attempt to escape the pull of a black hole!
• To make matters worse, the Pykes are out to kill them first!
• Meanwhile, what will Valance have to sacrifice to serve the Empire?

In Shops: Nov 02, 2022



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