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Welcome back to another new comic book day, EveryWookiee!! Every week I take a look at the Star Wars comic releases and analyze for first appearances and key events that may be worth collecting or keeping an eye on for future development.

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This week, Star Wars #27 follows the escape of two Crimson Dawn Agents (and their children) from the 2nd Death Star. They have classified info that Qi’ra wants in the hands of the Rebels. But sensitive data like that is not stolen easily.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

Star Wars #27

(W) Charles Soule (A) Genolet, Andres (CA) E.M Gist

“The Good People”! The Empire’s greatest secret is in the hands of two Crimson Dawn double agents, who are racing to deliver it to the Rebel Alliance to buy themselves safe haven. But the Empire knows what they have stolen, and the entire Imperial Navy is in hot pursuit!

In Shops: Sep 07, 2022

SRP: $3.99


Crimson Dawn agents Melton and Bev have commandeered Commander Sharin’s Lambda-class shuttle and are now escaping the Death Star with secret intel about the base. But then Moff Jerjerrod reaches out with an urgent message for Commander Sharin. But she cant talk right now because Bevelyn snapped her neck.

So Bevelyn gets on the comm and tells the Imperials that Sharin is not available because she is in the middle of giving her report to the higher-ups on Coruscant.

The issue? The Death Star communications team tracks any and all communication any near it. And since Sharin is not actually communicating with Coruscant… Moff Jerjerrod knows they lied.

So Melton and Bev do what Qi’ra told them to do and reach out to their contacts within the Rebel Alliance. The two rebels who receive the SOS call are Brith and Tenzigo, but since the encryption is an old (and since broken) code, they do not trust the message as it could be a trap set by the Empire.

As far as I can tell this is the first appearance of Brith. But Tenzingo Weems was in Rogue One and appears in issue #3 of the Rogue One Adaptation. He’s not named but does have dialogue.

Here’s his first panel.

With Tie Fighters trying to take them out, and the Rebels needing to run everything up the flag pole, Bev and Melton are on their own so they pick some pre loaded hyperspace coordinates and decide to run. They end up at the moon Al’Doleem, on their way to Commander Sharin’s next inspection site, Mount Pasvaal.

This is the same place that Darth Vader confronted Kirak Infil’a in Charles Soule’s 2017 Darth Vader series and where Luke Skywalker visits in Star Wars (2020) #19 and #20.

But before Bev and Melton can find out what’s going on there they are attacked by more Ties. It appears they are being tracked (which is no surprise) so they have to run away again.

Since they are limited to the coordinates that were pre-programmed into the shuttle, Bev and Melton decide to run to a place where they are most likely to be able to hide and then get help from Qi’ra, Coruscant.

The important part of the page below is that we get names for their two children, Reen and Zelly. Since this arc started I’ve got the feeling that Soule has more in plan for the two children. I think that the chances of Bev and Melton making it out of this mess alive are slim. But I don’t see them killing off children in this run.

Since, as far as we know, they are not necessary for the escape plot to work so if they were killed off then they would have been introduced just to kill. I think it’s more likely that their parents die while they are rescued by the Rebels making them potential future heroes in the New Republic that could, in theory, be in positions of power during the Mandoverse shows.

This issue will likely be considered their first full appearance with Star Wars 26 being their first cameo appearance.

The family then crash lands on Coruscant where the locals refuse to help them since it appears the Empire is after them. The family is forced once again to run.

Next, we find ourselves on a Rebel capital ship in a briefing room where General Syndulla is going their most recent intelligence when someone raises their hand and asks about the report from the Imperial defectors. Syndulla appears to have dismissed the request for help from the “imperial defectors” but Luke wants to follow up on the leads because he has a good feeling.

It appears Luke is going to Coruscant.

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