Jack-In-The-Box Offering Free “The Return of Mark Hamill” Comic Book

Jack-In-The-Box has an ad campaign going on right now where Mark Hamill has returned to reprise his role as a drive-thru window worker at Jack-In-The-Box! Jack-In-The-Box are now offering an absolutely free (postage included) comic book regaling us all with the tale of Mark’s time at Jack-In-The Box, his rise to fame, and his return to the role he was destined for – Drive-Thru Window Attendant! You can get an immediate pdf digital download, and for my analog-loving friends, there is even a free print edition!

As the story goes, Mark Hamill worked at a Jack-In-The-Box at age 18.

At age 18, Hamill, a student at Los Angeles City College, worked the drive-thru at Jack in the Box, where he practiced impersonations.

I had worked at another fast-food place when I was like 16, so I knew the routine,” as Mark Hamill tells it, “, but I always aspired to work that takeout window.”

And the window made for the perfect stage to hone his acting chops: “I thought you should talk like a clown, which is what I did,” Hamill remembered. “I thought it was amusing — my boss thought it was annoying.”

So annoying, in fact, that the impersonations resulted in Hamill getting fired.

Check out the animated comic Mark Hamill shared on his Instagram:

Check out a couple preview pages below, then go download it and give it a read! I know I ordered a couple free print copies to throw in my “misc” section of my Star Wars comic collection!

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