John Tyler Christopher Launches “Membership Beta” Sale for Next Star Wars Exclusives

It’s got to be difficult for these artists to strike a balance of how many copies of an exclusive store variant to offer. For many, they are dipping into their own pocket to pay the upfront cost of printing these comics. So, obviously, they don’t want to print too many and end up with unsold copies. Additionally, collectors want a limited edition to make their collectible desirable. However, the flip side of that is that some fans will have to go without that certain variant comic due to there not being enough supply.

John Tyler Christopher’s latest attempt to balance all these interests is what he’s calling a “JTC Membership Beta” sale on August 4, 2022.

First, JTC revealed what his next two Star Wars exclusive covers will be: (1) a Luke Skywalker Negative Space cover sporting Luke’s ROTJ green lightsaber; and (2) a “Secret” action figure variant which will be revealed some time between now and November. So, I guess he didn’t really reveal the second one after all.

So, what is a “Membership Beta” sale anyway?

Well, sales are going to open up on August 4 at NOON (ET) on for a bundle of both books. Sales will close August 6 at NOON (ET).

There is no limit on quantities that buyers can purchase for these variants. Reading the tea leaves here it would seem these are for the Star Wars issue to be released in November, so the final order cut off for that title will be in August.

Later, in November, there will be another sale (like JTC’s previous sales) of all stock that hasn’t already been allocated in this “Membership” sake.

In spite of this being called a “Membership” sale, you are not buying a membership. You are just buying the set of two covers which will release in November. The “Membership” name seems to come from the fact that JTC is trial running this type of advance ordering to see if a membership system will work to help him determine quantities to order.

UPDATE! JTC was kind enough to let us do the reveal on instagram! The action figure variant art will be announced in November a few weeks before the books come out.

More from JTC’s Facebook:

I know this is a bit sudden, but I wanted to try something new based on the AMA last month.


Opens Thursday, August 4th


Trying something new…

One of the challenges we’ve faced in the past few sales is the demand for our books has exceeded the supply. We have tried several new processes to insure as many people can get what they want, but I still think we can do better. It is because of this, that I am excited to try something that I hope will work out best for everyone!

We are going to test out an actual Pre-sale; and if successful, we hope to try and launch a more ambitious version for 2023. Although we are calling it a MEMBERSHIP, there are NO ADDITIONAL FEES or COMMITMENTS! Although this is a BETA to see if this works, you will be receiving the books you purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

The idea is to open a 48 hour window w[h]ere [sic] you can purchase as many books as you would like, without the fear of the books selling out. Within that 48 hours, you can visit my site ON YOUR SCHEDULE (with love to our international fans), and GUARANTEE yourself books. For this test run, we are only including a single sale. If you choose not to participate in this MEMBERSHIP BETA, we will still have the PUBLIC and PRIVATE sale, which we plan on having around NOVEMBER (this date is loose, incase there is a need for a reprint), but this is a chance to avoid the insanity. If it goes smoothly, we would like to offer this in the future, and it would include multiple sales. This might open some options up to help with shipping costs as well. It all depends on what works best for everyone!

I am excited to announce, included in this MEMBERSHIP BETA…

JTC EXCLUSIVE LUKE SKYWALKER Green Negative Wash Variant for Star Wars #28

– JTC EXCLUSIVE Secret STAR WARS Action Figure Variant for Star Wars #28

exclusively at

At this time, we are only offering raw books. However, CGC GRADED books will be available during the PRIVATE and PUBLIC sale!

Bundle Up…

In order to keep things smooth on our end, the books included in the MEMBERSHIP BETA will be sold as a bundle. This is something a BUNCH of people have asked for, and with what we are trying to implement, it will be easier on us to have the books sold together. They will be available individually during the PUBLIC and PRIVATE sale later in the year; but during this particular MEMBERSHIP BETA, the only option is to order them together. Again, you can get as many bundles as you’d like.

Early Shipping…

One of the other benefits of the MEMBERSHIP is the ability to send the books out early! Since we will already have the MEMBERSHIP orders ready, our plan is start shipping within several days of the PUBLIC sale.

Secret (Star) Wars…

Something we would like to maintain is the aura of mystery about what is coming. I wanted to share with you at least one of the books included in this MEMBERSHIP BETA, but the other one is a secret STAR WARS Action Figure cover. I will reveal the cover a couple weeks before the PUBLIC sale, just like normal, but in the meantime, it’s a secret.

In the Meantime…

Just as a heads up, there will be an additional Star Wars Action Figure Exclusive sometime in early September. It will be just like previous sales with PRIVATE and PUBLIC times. IT WILL NOT BE THE BOOK INCLUDED IN THIS MEMBERSHIP BETA.

Quick Recap!

MEMBERSHIP BETA starts at NOON ET on Thursday, August 4th, 2022, and is open for 48 hours.

MEMBERSHIP BETA closes at NOON ET on Saturday August 6th, 2022.

– Both books will be sold exclusively in a bundle.

– You can order as many as you’d like, no limit per order.

There will still be a PUBLIC and PRIVATE sale around November, where you can buy the books individually.

MEMBERSHIP BETA orders will begin to ship within days after the PUBLIC sale closes.

This is a new process, so we appreciate you patience and understanding as we work with you to make this as smooth as possible.

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an email with tracking information.

If you have not received tracking within two weeks of the PUBLIC sale, please send an email to

Any other questions can most likely be answered on our FAQ page. If not, send us a quick email and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

We also have an “In the Know” page on our website that will be your best bet in staying up to date on the latest news about the current book sale.

MEMBERSHIP BETA: 48 Hours from NOON ET, Thursday, August 4th, 2022

Star Wars #28 Bundle

JTC EXCLUSIVE | Luke Skywalker Green Negative Wash variant edition

JTC EXCLUSIVE | Secret Star Wars Action Figure variant edition


That’s it for now.

More later!


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