Deathstick Was Considered To Be Included In Mandalorian Season 2

Early Morgan Elsbeth Designs were based on Deathstick who first appeared in Marvel Comics Bounty Hunters 14

It’s nice to be reminded that we are invested in characters that other people in decision-making positions actually care about! Apparently, Lucasfilm has an ongoing interest in incorporating comic characters and characters from media other than live action into its films and tv series. We saw it with Black Krrsantan (First appearance Darth Vader #1 (2015)), but it appears it doesn’t end there.

Taking to Instagram, Lucasfilm character designer, Brian Matyas, shared some early character designs for a character simply referred to as “Jedi Killer.” This character would eventually become Morgan Elsbeth in Mandalorian Season 2 Chapter 13 “The Jedi.”

Brian makes it clear that this was an attempt to get Deathstick into the live action series!

Early on Morgan Elsbeth was simply referred to as placeholder ‘jedi killer’. This was attempt to get Deathstick in there. They did entertain the idea for a bit, will share the other designs as well.”

Deathstick made a first comic book cameo in Bounty Hunters 13 and made her first full appearance and comic cover appearance in Bounty Hunters 14 (Camuncoli cover).

Of course, Deathstick has a much longer history in RPG source books, but we love our comics around here! This means that any of your favorite comic characters could show up in a Star Wars live action film or tv series. Lucasfilm is actively considering them!

Check out the designs below!

Keep on speculating folks!

More later!


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