New Star Wars Comics For July 6th 2022 and FOC Deadlines: Scoundrels Everywhere

New Star Wars Comics FOC Deadline

Hello hello! After a week where we got FOUR new Star Wars comics and a new Star Wars Legends Epic Collection, and a ton of new cover reveals (check out the @drunkwooky Instagram for the reveals) there’s a ton to get caught up. Does that mean we’ll slow down? Voids no you kriffin’ nerf herder! The Star Wars content train is rolling ahead full steam.

I also wanted to wish all my American friends a safe and happy 4th of July and my Canadian friends an amazing Canada Day!

Let’s continue to look ahead with this week’s new comics and FOC order deadlines.

New Star Wars Comics For July, 6th

Next week we’ll get a new scoundrel story in Halcyon Legacy #5 that features Maz Kanata, Lando, and my boy Hondo. No obvious keys from the one preview we’ve gotten so far but when I see Hondo, I buy. But that’s just me.

TFAW is also expecting to start getting in their graded copies of their beautiful store exclusive of Obi-Wan #1 by Ken Lashley.

Star Wars Halcyon Legacy #4 (of 5)

(W) Ethan Sacks (A) Will Sliney (CA) E.M. Gist

LANDO AND HONDO ARE ON A COLLISION COURSE ABOARD THE HALCYON! A priceless jewel has attracted the attention of both LANDO and HONDO. But who is the mysterious figure who threatens both of their heists? And years in the future, CRIMSON JACK makes his move to capture the HALCYON…or destroy it


In Shops: July 6, 2022

SRP: $3.99

Star Wars Obi Wan #1

This variant for Star Wars: Obi-Wan #1 was created for Things From Another World by Ken Lashley. It is a trade edition of 3000, and non-trade edition of 1000. Raw copies ship bagged and boarded in flash mailer or better. Graded release date is based on current CBCS estimates and subject to change.

Fast approaches the ultimate destiny of one of the Jedi’s most renowned masters! As he spends his final days in the remote deserts of Tatooine, Obi-Wan Kenobi takes time to reflect on – and record – key moments of a heroic life long-lived. Writing in old leather-bound journals from his hermit’s hut, Obi-Wan remembers his days as a young Jedi Initiate, his trials as a Padawan, the crucible of Jedi Knighthood and the Clone Wars, and some of the earliest challenges he faced as a true Master of the Force! In this tale, Obi-Wan considers a watershed Youngling adventure he narrowly survived on Coruscant when he was but eight years of age… This is just the beginning of his Jedi journey!


Star Wars Comic Book FOC Deadlines

For those who aren’t familiar, FOC, or Final Order Cut Off, is when publishers and distributors require retailers to get their orders in. Printers then print according to that number (sometimes with overages). So, if you want to absolutely guarantee you get a book, best bet is to order it before FOC. Final Order Cut Off is Monday 7/04/22 this week.

Let’s dive in…

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #26

(W) Ethan Sacks (A) Paolo Villanelli (CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli

THE SHOCKING ENDING TO THE BOUNTY HUNTERS’ RAID ON THE VERMILLION! T’onga must face Crimson Dawn on her own to save the girl she seeks. Meanwhile, one of her crew may not survive Vukorah’s deadly revenge. And Dengar may finally be getting exactly what he deserves.


In Shops: August 10, 2022

SRP: $3.99

Star Wars Halcyon Legacy #5 Comic Covers

Comic Script by Ethan Sacks
Illustrated by Will Sliney
Cover Design or Artwork by E.M. Gist

“LAST STAND ON THE HALCYON” Star-crossed lovers who crossed the wrong syndicate try to escape on the Halcyon. But even in the chaos of the early days of the New Republic, can they evade a murderers’ row of bounty hunters stalking them – including BOSSK?

And years in the future, the pirate CRIMSON JACK closes in on the legendary Galactic Starcruiser.

That’s all for now folks.

Grand Admiral Babu Frik

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