Star Wars Fathers Day Sale: 25% of In-Stock Items At TFAW

Wanted to post a quick note before the weekend. If you’re still looking for something to get your dad, husband, boyfriend, buddy, brother, etc. for Father’s Day then know that is doing a site wide 25% off sale on all in stock items.

And hell, even if you have fathers day covered and just want to get some comics, books, toys, or other Star Wars collectibles on the cheap then be sure to check it out. You can skip right to the their entire Star Wars stock here.

TFAW discount

The best part? 10-14% of your the amount you spend will go towards funding

Now, this isn’t charity. We don’t do this for money. We have day jobs. We genuinely enjoy helping Star Wars collectors and fans find new cool Star Wars shit. The entire reason this website exists is because we did all this research for our own habit hobby and figured we might as well share it with others.

That being said it is fun getting funds to invest back into the community through new site updates, giveaways, etc. No pressure though. If you’re all set don’t buy anything because of this post.

You can see everything on sale by hitting shop now below. Worth checking out to see if they have something you want or need even if you don’t get anything.

For Light and Life and a Great Weekend.

~Grand Admiral Babu

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