Funko Star Wars POP! SDCC 2022 Exclusive Checklist

San Diego Comic-Con 2022 is right around the corner July 20-24 and Funko have begun their announcement push of their exclusive products available at the show and partnered retailers!

Here’s the list of SDCC 2022 Star Wars Funko POP! exclusives and the shared retailer partners where hopefully you can find one if you’re not attending the show! Remember, there is likely a different sticker if you source one from the partner retailer rather than the actual SDCC show floor and collectors tend to place a premium on those stickers.

Black Krrsantan (Flocked)(Gamestop Exclusive)

I don’t buy tons of POPs, but this one is a buy. It’s a Wookiee. Check. It’s fuzzy. Check. It’s an exclusive. Check. Black K. is the GOAT. Check. You can grab one at SDCC or you can grab one at Gamestop of you aren’t attending!

Andor (Target Exclusive)

Purge Trooper (Phase II Armor)(Walmart Exclusive)

Shared Exclusive full list:

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