Funko Launch New Amazon Exclusive Star Wars ”Power of the Galaxy” Line with ROTS Padme

Funko is launching a new line of Amazon exclusive Funko POPs! featuring the women of the Star Wars galaxy named ”Power of the Galaxy.” To kick it off, have just announced the new Revenge of the Sith Padme Amidala POP! It’s available for Pre-order now and ships in July!

Grab a pre-order here and check out the interview with Funko designer, Meg Dunn below!


When Funko and Lucasfilm chose to create a new Padme Amidala Pop! bobblehead figure, only one question remained: which version of the fashionable queen-turned-senator? And as any prequel fan will tell you, it’s not an easy decision.

“Padmé has some of the most iconic outfits in the Star Wars franchise, so it was challenging to choose just one of her many memorable looks,” Meg Dunn, designer at Funko, tells “I’ve always found her dual roles as Queen Amidala and later senator of Naboo to be really fascinating, and we wanted to find a way to represent both sides of her character — her poise and beauty as a queen, and her strength and courage as a leader.” That thought process finally led to an answer, one inspired by what is perhaps Padmé’s defining moment. …

That’s why we chose this outfit from Revenge of the Sith,” Dunn continues. “It’s from the scene where Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declares the dawn of the Galactic Empire, and Padméutters that iconic line: ‘So this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.’ It’s a very powerful moment in the film.”

Even better, this new Padme Popwill launch the Amazon-exclusive “Power of the Galaxy” line, celebrating the women of Star Wars. Padmé is available for pre-order now and arrives late July, with one new bobblehead coming every month through the end of the year. While the rest of “Power of the Galaxy” series will span the saga, Dunn feels the leading with Padmé shows the power of the prequels.

The figure includes great detail for such a small scale, from a sense of Padmé’s character to the intricacies of her brooches. “Our sculptor, Claire Cordeiro, did a wonderful job capturing Padmé’s personality. We worked together to get everything just right, from the way her hair wraps around her headpiece, to the way her gown flows and folds, even down to the way her hands are positioned,” Dunn says. “The level of detail Claire was able to achieve is so impressive.”

A Funko veteran, Dunn feels great pride in “Power of the Galaxy.” 

The ‘Power of the Galaxy’ line began as a collaboration between Lucasfilm and Funko to recognize the amazing women of the Star Wars universe. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the empowering characters that are a source of inspiration for so many fans out there,” she says. “It’s been such an honor to contribute to this project as the designer and to work alongside the many talented artists on Funko’s Star Wars team.

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