Affiliate News: April 6, 2022 Hasbro Star Wars Fan First Wednesday Pre-Orders

Hasbro announced three new Black Series figures from Star Wars comics past yesterday. Infinities Darth Vader, Sgt. Kreel, and Dodson’s Princess Leia. These go on pre-order today along with various other figures also revealed yesterday (see below).

Sgt. Kreel first appeared as “The Gamemaster” in Star Wars #10 (2015), the Gamemaster was identified as Agent 5241 in issue #11, and was later identified as Kreel in issue #12. He later appears in cameo in his stormtrooper armor in issue #19, then again in #21.

Kreel in Star Wars #21

Infinities Vader appears as this figure depicts in Infinities Return of the Jedi #4 on the final page:

And of course the Princess Leia figure comes from Dodson’s Princess Leia 2015 mini series:

Entertainment Earth:

The following figures revealed during Hasbro’s Fan First Wednesday will go live on Entertainment Earth today April 7, 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST (free shipping on all orders $39+ with code: SPRINGFREE22):


Gaming Greats Black Series “Sev” Republic Commando goes live over at Gamestop today around the same time:


Chewbacca Retro Series Prototype Edition will be available for Pre-order at Target today if you can find the link and beat the bots:

Comics and Cocktails in the UK will also have it.

Hasbro Pulse

Death Trooper Vintage Collection Army Builder set:

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