Star Wars Comics First Appearances and Key Events for January 19, 2022

Welcome back to another new comic book day, EveryWookiee!! Every week I take a look at the Star Wars comic releases and analyze for first appearances and key events that may be worth collecting or keeping an eye on for future development.

First appearances and keys from these weekly articles get added to or sister site and Star Wars comics first appearance and key issue database,!

High Republic #13


This issue has amazing action and the storyline is really coming to a head here. No new first appearances, however.

Let’s do a rundown of the key issues for those characters that are in the book for a refresher, though.

Doctor Aphra #16


No new first appearances here. We have a lot of players who have already previously appeared, so here’s a rundown of their firsts:

High Republic Adventures Galactic Bake-Off (One-Shot)


This book seems to be overlooked this week. Many are writing it off as a joke, but there are some gems in here and I think this book might actually be the winner of the week in terms of importance.

The comic starts out with Torben “Buckets of Blood” Buck and Kantam Sy, headed to the kitchen to bake a famous dish by Yoda. Buckets of Blood first appeared in High Republic Adventures #1 and the Nathan cover of that issue is his first cover. Kantam Sy first appeared in High Republic Adventures #3.

An ingredient in the dish is that the baker has to tell a story of cooperation. The two bring some familiar Jedi in tow, along with the first appearance of Jedi younglings Gabino and Kaimo.

The baking acts as the framing story for the flashback which is a rescue of elderly retired Jedi from a meditation retreat aboard the Voyager Dawn. Pieces of debris from the Great Hyperspace Disaster from Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi are threatening the ship. This if the first appearance of the Voyager Dawn. This is where it gets interesting. Kantam is helping elderly Jedi get to the escape crafts. We have a Jedi named Master Fambola and also a Jedi named Master Griswal.

Why this is interesting is because the High Republic authors revealed that the next phase of High Republic stories will take place as prequels 150 years prior to the current comics. Could some of these elderly Jedi play a role in Phase 2?

We also get the first appearance of a Republic Captain, Captain Kardo.

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