Star Wars Comics First Appearances and Key Events for December 1, 2021

Welcome back to another new comic book day, EveryWookiee!! I’ve scoured today’s new releases and below are the first appearances, cameos and key events from this week’s Marvel and IDW Star Wars comic releases: Bounty Hunters #18, Darth Vader #18, and High Republic Adventures #11!

First appearances and keys from these weekly articles get added to or sister site and Star Wars comics first appearance and key issue database,!

As always, beware, spoilers abound from here on out!

High Republic Adventures #11 (IDW)


Although I wish it weren’t so (I love the E.M. Gist Halcyon Legacy #1 cover!) the 1:10 Loo cover for High Republic Adventures #11 is Burryaga Agaburry’s first cover.

Additionally, it looks like we get our first look at the Halcyon Legacy ship on the final page! It’s unnamed, but it resembles the starcruiser as depicted on the cover of Halcyon Legacy #1:

Here is the Halcyon Legacy on the cover of Halcyon Legacy #1:

We got not-quite-a-confirmation from the author, Daniel Jose Older:

Bounty Hunters #18


Darth Vader rebuilds Beilert Valance and presses him into service of the Empire. In a flashback to Valance’s childhood we get the first appearance of Captain Tarl Sokoli, the “Spine Dragon of Anaxes”.

Lieutenant Haydenn appears once again. She made her first appearance in Bounty Hunters #17.

Finally, we get a background appearance of Dark Squadron. This is the first comic appearance of Dark Squadron and the first Canon appearance of Dark Squadron. It looks like Valance will be joining their ranks.

Dark Squadron first appeared in the Star Wars roleplaying game as an elite squadron of Tie Fighter pilots. In Legends, it was part of the Byss Defense Fleet led by Admiral Gilder Varth and Inquisitor Valin Draco. It served clone Palpatine’s Dark Empire, again in Legends.

Darth Vader #18


In Darth Vader #18, Vader is cracking down on the malignant Crimson Dawn insurgency and he’s hiring some freelance assassins and rogues to do his bidding. We get the first appearance of Chilla Zin, G-90, and Loriach.

We get the first appearance of a Crimson Dawn representative, Cygnus Anton.

Finally, we get the second group of three Crimson Dawn crackdown enforcers, Tanka, Ankala, and S’ira in their first appearances!

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