IDW Online Exclusive High Republic Adventures 11 and Annual Drop

Here’s a nice surprise this afternoon! IDW dropped two exclusive covers to their upcoming High Republic Adventures Annual 2021 and High Republic Adventures #11. I’m relatively sure that Annual 2021 will contain first full comic appearances of some characters. I’m not so sure on High Republic Adventures #11.

No print run announced on these. Quantities are limited to 2 per customer per issue. Grab them while they’re hot! The rest of the “Hall of Deals” is here, with today’s online exclusive door here.

Join all five High Republic authors, together in one book for the FIRST TIME EVER, as they each explore different corners of the galaxy during the height of the Galactic Republic. From daring Jedi, to the always adventurous Geode, and nefarious Nihil, The High Republic Adventures Annual has it all!

  • Exclusive Cover Art by Derek Charm.
  • Limit 2 Per Customer.

The Masters and Padawans take a much needed break to participate in the Great Jedi Rumble Race! It’s the most important event in the galaxy (probably) and there’s only one rule… THERE ARE NO RULES! But Lula is too stuck in her own head to enjoy the raucous, no holds barred tussle to the finish line. Meanwhile, on Corellia, trouble brews…

  • Exclusive Cover Art by Fico Ossio
  • Limit 2 per customer.

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