Nihil Tempest Runner Makes First Full Appearance in High Republic #10

We’ll give you the full run down of the issue tomorrow, but just a heads up that tomorrow’s High Republic #10 contains the first full appearance of Nihil Tempest Runner, Lourna Dee. Tempest Runners are the last tier of command below Marchion Ro, the Eye of the Storm himself. She’s one of three Tempest Runners but definitely the most ruthless!

Lourna made her first comic cover appearance on High Republic #1 1:10 Kenny Blanche Concept variant. She made a small hologram cameo in High Republic #9 last month. This week’s #10 is a full on first full appearance, though.

If you haven’t already, grab a pre-order before the issue dries up! the Jeanty cover B features Lourna herself!

High Republic #10


(W) Cavan Scott (A) Ario Anindito (CA) Phil Noto

o KEEVE TRENNIS and bond-twin TEREC have defected to the villainous NIHIL.
o With AVAR KRISS and her former master closing in, Keeve must make a terrible choice. Can she take an innocent life to secure her place within the TEMPEST?
o A turning point is reached in the lives of THE JEDI OF STARLIGHT BEACON. The shadow of the Nihil has never loomed larger!
RATED T In Shops: Oct 20, 2021SRP: $3.99


If you’re not too sensitive to spoilers, check out the limited page images courtesy of below!

And by the way, yes, that’s the Great Leveler from Cavan Scott’s Rising Storm novel in the last shot!

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