2021 Topps On-Demand Star Wars: The High Republic Timed Release

Topps announced a brand new timed Star Wars High Republic trading card set yesterday through it’s On Demand website! The set features concept art of characters and beasts. Additionally, each set will come with parallel colored border cards or a cover card from the various High Republic publications! The set is a timed set meaning that the print run will be strictly limited to the amount of sets orders through September 16, 2021! So act fast if you want a set!

Pre-Order at Topps On Demand.

Check out the image gallery and card checklist below!


2021 Topps On-Demand Set #10 – Star Wars: The High Republic

Star Wars: The High Republic explores and expands upon the golden age of the Jedi Order through books, comics, and more. Topps and Star Wars have collaborated on this beautiful, 20-character set, spanning the entire High Republic universe. Additionally, look for exclusive border-colored, numbered parallels! Sold on-demand and exclusively on Topps.com.

Set Configuration

• 21 cards per set
• (20) base cards
• (1) parallel or cover card


• Black Border Parallel: #’ed to 25
• Red Border Parallel: #’ed to 10.
•Platinum Border Parallel: #’ed to 1



1. Avar Kriss (Temple Attire)

2. Loden Greatstorm

3. Sskeer (Temple Attire)

4. Keeve Trennis (Temple Attire)

5. Ram Jamoram

6. Vernestra Rwoh

7. Yoda (Temple Attire)

8. Orla Jareni

9. Bell Zettifar (Temple Attire)

10. Burryaga (Temple Attire)

11. Reath Silas

12. Lula Talisola (Temple Attire)

13. Chancellor Lina Soh

14. Affie Hollow

15. Leox Gyasi

16. Geode

17. The Nihil

18. Lourna Dee

19. Marchion Ro

20. Drengir


1. SWTHR Light of Jedi

2. SWTHR Into the Dark

3. SWTHR A Test of Courage

4. SWTHRA Adventures #1

5. SWTHR Marvel #1

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