Star Wars Comics First Appearances and Key Events for August 11, 2021

Welcome back to another new comic book day, EveryWookiee!! I’ve scoured today’s news releases and below are the first appearances, cameos and key events from this weeks Marvel Star Wars comic releases, High Republic #8, and High Republic Monster of Temple Peak #1!

You can find all this information and tons more on, our sister site and Star Wars Comics First Appearance and Key Issue Database!

FCBD Firsts Confirmation

We published spoilers for Free Comic Book Day 2021 comics, High Republic Edge of Balance (Viz Manga) and High Republic Adventures (IDW) at the end of last month. You can check out that full article here: FCBD 2021 Star Wars High Republic Spoilers and First Appearances.

Those books will be officially released this weekend on August 14, 2021 and feature new characters. The only issues that could have stolen the title of first appearance from these FCBD issues were High Republic #8, and High Republic Monster of Temple Peak #1 published today. So, here are the characters appearing in FCBD issues that do not appear in today’s releases, making the FCBD issues their first comic appearances:

Edge of Balance FCBD:

  • Jedi Master Stellan Gios‘s first full appearance. First unnamed cameo preceded this at the end of High Republic 1.
  • Jedi Master Arkoff‘s first appearance (an awesome Wookiee Jedi Master).
  • Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi‘s first full appearance and first cover appearance. First unnamed cameo preceded this in  High Republic Adventures #3 (IDW).

High Republic Adventures FCBD:

  • Ram Jomaram‘s first appearance and first cover appearance (a human male Jedi Padawan).
  • V-18‘s first appearance (droid).
  • Tip‘s first appearance (Ram’s Bonbrak companion).
  • Nihil Scavenger Droids‘s first appearance.
  • Sanval‘s first appearance (giant dragon creature).

Monster of Temple Peak #1: (IDW)

Ty Yorrick and Gundarks:

First, we find Ty Yorrick facing off against a Gundark. This is Ty Yorrick‘s first comics appearance, having first appeared in Cavan Scott’s novel, The Rising Storm. Ty Yorrick is a female Tholothian former Jedi, who is now a saber-for-hire, mercenary monster hunter!

She is tasked with trapping a Gundark alive. Gundarks first appeared in comics in Star Wars 51 ( Marvel 6/16/1981) as a sticky-tongued brontosaurus-looking thing. After that it was next seen in comics in Star Wars Tales 19 (Dark Horse 5/14/2004) looking a little closer to what we have here. A Gundark first appears in a canon comic book in Star Wars Adventures #12 (IDW 2017). This is a much more impressive image, however.

Ty Yorrick’s Droids

Ty Yorrick, of course, needs a crew, and she’s assisted by KL-03 and Rover (“RO-VR”), who make their first comic appearances here.

Triv Blago

Turns out Ty took the Gundark job from a nefarious black market animal trader named Triv Blago. This is Triv’s first appearance.


Next, Ty takes on a new job for some terrorized Moof farmers. Moofs were beats of burden, livestock, and producers of milk. Moofs first appeared in comics in Star Wars #5 (Prelude to Rebellion, Dark Horse 1998). This is a Moof’s first canon comic appearance (for what it’s worth). Ty takes a job from one Layton Wyke. He probably won’t amount to much significance, but this is his first comic appearance.

Layton has a niece named Pela who makes her first appearance here. Again, probably not terribly significant, but still a first.

Klias Teradine

This is where the first appearances get VERY interesting. Klias Teradine was a male human Jedi Padawan who either left the order or was expelled. We first hear about him in Cavan Scott’s audiobook, Dooku: Jedi Lost. In Jedi Lost, Dooku and Sifo-Diyas find Klias Teradine’s journal and use it for trouble-making, like breaking into the secret, sealed off, Bogan Collection. The Bogan Collection was a collection of Sith and Dark Side artifacts, including Darth Krall’s lightsaber. Klias was known for his own hijinx. Ty Yorrick flashes back to memories of her padawan days with Klias. Will we get a backstory and origin for Klias Teradine and Ty leaving the Order?

Jedi Master Cibaba, also makes a first comic appearance here.

High Republic #8 (Marvel):

First, the Anindito Cover B is also Myarga the Benevolent’s (Hutt) first cover appearance! Myarga made her first cameo in High Republic #4 and first full appearance in High Republic #5

Cohmac Vitus and Reath Silas

Cohmac Vitus makes his first full appearance in High Republic #8, as does his new Padawan, Reath Silas.

Reath Silas made a single panel, unnamed cameo without dialogue in High Republic #4

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