Star Wars High Republic 7 and WOBH Jabba The Hutt Go Back for Second Printings

UPDATE: Pre-orders for WOBH Jabba the Hutt 2nd Print and High Republic #7 2nd Print are live at TFAW!

UPDATE: Cover images have been revealed:

July 2021 was a heavy hitter for Star Wars first comics appearances with War of the Bounty Hunters Jabba the Hutt #1 and High Republic #7.

Jabba the Hutt #1, released 7/21/2021, was the first appearance of Deva Lompop, a Shani female bounty hunter and mercenary who operated from the time of the High Republic into the Imperial Era. The Chang Cover B and Coello 1:25 incentive variant added her first cover appearance on top of that!

High Republic #7, released 7/28/2021, gave us the first appearance of Darth Krall, a.k.a. “Radaki”, force-sensitive individual who left Jedi Order, part of the “Lost Twenty”, and Orla Jareni, Umbaran female Jedi Master and Wayseeker! The Mike Mayhew variant added Darth Krall’s first cover appearance on top of that and Unknown Comics’ Marco Turini cover added Orla Jareni’s first cover as well!

Well, these issues seem to have been popular enough for Marvel to order a second print for each! These issues are on Final Order Cut Off for Monday 8/16/2021. We’ll keep you updated with pre-order links and cover art as it gets released!

Pre-order links:

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