Species Revealed for Star Wars High Republic Adventures’ Padawan Qort

IDW scattered “digital trading cards” throughout their various social media accounts introducing new characters from their Star Wars High Republic Adventures series of comics.

One of my personal favorite Padawans has been Qort. Qort first appeared in IDW’s High Republic Adventures #1 by Daniel Jose Older and Harvey Talibao. The young male Jedi wears the skull of some sort of beast, speaks in an alien language unintelligible to the reader, has flashes of grey/blue skin, and up until now has been a member of a mystery species.

Well, IDW’s trading card for Qort reveals that he is a “Aloxian!” Very cool.

Hopefully this social media reveal is confirmed in a comic issue. Also, hopefully, someday we will see below the skull! There are so many mysteries yet to be unraveled! Such as, with skin like that, is he the same species as High Republic big bad, Marchion Ro? Why does his skull helmet look so much like Darth Krayt’s?! Coincidence?

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