War of the Bounty Hunters Villanelli Blueprint Variants Revealed

All but two of these covers were already revealed in June in preliminary forms, but now we have the whole set and more detail to boot! Each cover has some specs for the specific ships called out in Aurebesh text. Very cool. That will be fun to translate during some down time. Check them all out below!

Darth Vader #16 (September 15, depicts IG-88 and ship IG-2000)

Boushh #1 (September 15, depicts 4-LOM, Zuckuss, and their ship, the Mist Hunter)

Bounty Hunters #16 (September 22, depicts Beilert Valance and his ship Broken Wing)

Star Wars #17 (September 29, depicting Dengar and his ship, Punishing One)

War of the Bounty Hunters #4 (September 8, depicts Boba Fett and his Starship (Slave 1))

Doctor Aphra #14 (September 1, depicts Bossk and his ship, Hound’s Tooth)

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