High Republic Previews: Edge of Balance Manga and Monster of Temple Peak 1

Starwars.com have released two new previews for upcoming entries into the High Republic comics bibliography and they both offer exciting new characters! Check them out below!

Edge of Balance (VIZ Manga)- 9/08/2021

This preview gives us a look at the Jedi Masters, Knights, and Padawans of the Banchii outpost. Personally, I’m already partial to the Wookiee, Master Arkoff! But we also have the Jedi Knight, Lily Tora-Asi who already made a first comic cameo appearance in Star Wars Adventures 3 , and Padawans Keerin and Nima. Now keep in mind that this graphic novel was originally supposed to arrive early August before Free Comic Book Day, but now the Edge of Balance FCBD issue will release almost a month earlier on August 14, 2021. So many of these characters can pop up beforehand there.

Monster of Temple Peak #1 (IDW)– 8/11/2021

Now, this issue is looking like the best candidate for first appearance of former Jedi turned saber-for-hire monster hunter Ty Yorrick, but it looks like comic shops have recently been shipping the FCBD High Republic Adventures issue early (official street date for that is 8/14/2021) and that issue also features Ty Yorrick.

At any rate, I think history will prove that official dates carry the day for preferred first appearances. In this preview we finally get an identification of the monster Ty’s fighting in previously published art- it’s a Gundark! Yep, the often references but rarely seen bogey-monster of the Star Wars galaxy! Did you know the Gundark first appeared in comics in Star Wars 51 ( Marvel 6/16/1981) as a sticky-tongued brontosaurus looking thing? After that it was next seen in comics in Star Wars Tales 19 (Dark Horse 5/14/2004) looking a little closer to what we have here!

Anyway, I digress. Check out the preview below!

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