Star Wars Key Issues and First Appearances for New Comic Book Day 7/21/2021

It’s new comic book day and it’s time to take a fine toothed comb to today’s Star Wars offerings! Today we get War of the Bounty Hunters Jabba the Hutt #1, the first appearance of bounty hunter, Deva Lompop, and her first appearance on the Chang cover B. You can also play high roller and grab her other first cover on the 1:25 Coello variant. We get Darth Vader #14, the first cover appearance of Sly Moore, the Umbaran. Finally, we get a whole bucket full of first comic appearances in High Republic Adventures #6 from IDW! Check it all out below!

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Jabba the Hutt #1

So, I wont belabor the point here because we’ve discussed it at length since this time last month.

Deva Lompop, a very old Shani bounty hunter, her life spanning the High Republic, Prequel, and Age of Empire eras, makes her first appearance in War of the Bounty Hunters Jabba the Hutt #1 today! Further, she makes her first appearance (a tie!) on the Chang cover B and Coello 1:25 incentive variant. Inside the book, she is on damn near every single page. This isn’t a cameo and it is definitively her first full appearance.

Darth Vader #14

The Umbaran, Sly Moore makes her first comic cover appearance on Cover A to Darth Vader #14 and a whole gaggle of Droids cartoon characters make their first comic cover appearances on the Sprouse 50th Anniversary Variant!

Although “Moore’s Court” appears again here, they aren’t identified by name and I wouldn’t get too attached to them (wink wink). Moore’s Court first cameod in Darth Vader #13.

High Republic Adventures #6

This book is the heavy-hitter this week! It contains about a half dozen first appearances and many of them are already major players in the High Republic multi-media initiative.

First up, we get the crew of the Vessel, Leox Gyasi, Affie Hollow, and Geode. While Leox and Affie both have dialogue, Geode does not. But fans from Claudia Gray’s High Republic novel, Into the Dark, will know not to expect much talk from the rock alien.

Next up, our familiar Padawan protagonists bring Master Obratuk along with them on their peace negotiation mission to Nal Hutta. Finally, we get a cameo for an ancient Jedi Master, Tal Bota!

The Jedi diplomatic envoy meet up with the Hutt diplomatic envoy, represented by a young female Weequay named Ishnar. This is her first appearance.

We’re introduced to Skarabda the Hutt, sibling to Myarga, who we met over in Marvel’s High Republic issues 4 and 5. This is Skarabda’s first appearance.

We meet Y-99, a malfunctioning assassin/enforcer droid. This is y-99’s first appearance.

Finally, we get mention of Jabba the Hutt. It has been implied that Jabba was alive during the High Republic era, but now we have confirmation:

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