Keeve Trennis Meets Orla Jareni and Darth Krall in High Republic #7 Preview

Hot off the digital presses, have released a preview of next week’s Star Wars High Republic #7 (Marvel). High Republic #7 will be the first appearance of Darth Krall and Orla Jareni, Jedi Wayseeker. Orla Jareni makes her first cover appearance on the Unknown Comics exclusive for High Republic #7, and Darth Krall makes his first appearance on the Mike Mayhew exclusive for High Republic #7 (, eBay).

You can still order direct market covers from TFAW:

We published unlettered art preview pages two weeks ago, but it turns out that narration and dialogue are really important for context.

When we last left Keeve in High Republic #6, her and Sskeer had taken a mental trip through the Drengir hive mind. At the end of that issue it appeared they made it out unscathed, though. This preview makes it look like Keeve is stuck in some form of vision:

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