Plot Synopsis of High Republic Issues 11-15 Revealed on Amazon

We’ve found a new Amazon listing for Volume 3 of the High Republic trade paperback series. The listing reveals the staggeringly beautiful Noto cover art (per usual) and a brief synopsis of Marvel issues ## 11-15.

The Trade Paperback for High Republic Vol. 3 is priced at $15.99 and is scheduled to release April 5, 2022.

Beware those who are not up to speed on Soule’s Light of the Jedi or Cavan Scott’s Marvel series. Spoilers ahead!

In short, somebody has been captured by the Nihil and the Jedi are out to save that person.

For those who have read Light of the Jedi, my bet is that Jedi Master, Loden Greatstorm is the target of this rescue. Further, it looks like Keeve Trennis’ supposed defection to the Nihil on the cover of issue #9 may have just been subterfuge for her to get to the Nihil’s hidden fortress.

High Republic issue #9

Time will tell, but what this all tells me is that more comic first appearances are still on their way. My bet is that Loden shows up in the next couple issues as the Jedi learn he’s still alive and kicking.

Check out the cover and synopsis from Amazon below!

High Republic Vol. 3 (TPB)

The history-making saga of the High Republic era continues! With the stakes higher than ever before and time running out quickly, the Jedi must mount a daring rescue! The Nihil base is square in their sights — and Sskeer insists on going with them, no matter his condition. But a floating fortress at the heart of No Space will not be an easy target — will the best plan be a full-on attack, or an undercover infiltration? The way of the Jedi allows only one answer. Let battle commence…and may the Force be with our heroes!

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