U.S. Marshals Auction II: The Re-Gonking, Star Wars Investment Fraud Auction Items Still Available

In May, we reported that Gaston & Sheehan, Auctioneers, were auctioning off a large collection of original Kenner Star Wars action figures with an inordinate percentage of Power Droids or “Gonk” droids in the offered lots. These were seized as a part of an arrest and sentencing of the owner for investment fraud. Many of those items sold for a steal, going into the hands of happy collectors. However, it looks like many remained unclaimed or unpaid for. I’m reading between the lines here, but the current auction running July 7, 2021 to July 22, 2021, appears to be made up of items that were previously offered and for one reason or another remain available. So, if you missed out, here’s your second chance!

Probably the most emblematic lot of the entire sale is the listing for a “box containing 175 loose Power Droid Figurines.” Doesn’t that just sum up the whole situation?

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