New Star Wars Comic Books For July 7, 2021

Even between Disney+ seasons and blockbuster film releases, we get new Star Wars just about every week in our local comic shop, though!

Here’s a look at the new Star Wars comic book releases hitting shelves at your local comic shop July 7, 2021! Brought to you by TFAW! Check out the official solicitations and previews for Star Wars comic books coming out this week below!

War of the Bounty Hunters rages on next week with Bounty Hunters #14! Death Stick makes her first cover appearance. Mari San Tekka makes her first cover appearance on Star Wars Adventures #6 Cover B. Check out the full solicits and previews below and don’t forget to check out the Final Order Cut Off Highlights for Monday, 7/5/2021 as well!


Bounty Hunters #14

• Hunted by the mysterious assassin DEATHSTICK, a wounded VALANCE and his reluctant partner DENGAR are running out of options!
• T’ONGA is outgunned and outnumbered… but she does have one last surprise up her sleeve!
• And the shadowy force behind all of the danger makes its move!



IDW has been shuffling their Star Wars release calendar around a bit and I’m not entirely sure this comes out next week or 7/13/21. Either way, it’s one to keep on the radar as Cover B has the first cover appearance of Mari San Tekka. Ancestor to Lor San Tekka from The Force Awakens, Mari has the precognitive ability to detect unconventional “Paths” through hyperspace. She’s the secret power behind the Nihil’s ability to show up unannounced out of nowhere.

Star Wars Adventures #6

(W) Katie Cook , (A) Cara Mcgee , (CA) Francesco Francavilla

Padme and Anakin have grand plans to have a romantic night together after a long separation. But before they get a chance to get together, Anakin is Jedi-napped by a group of outlaws! Now it’s up to Padme to use all of her cunning to infiltrate the outlaw group and rescue him. Then, get a glimpse into the times of The High Republic with a story of the Nihil!


FOC 6/7/2021

I wanted to point out issues which have a final order cut off on Monday 7/5/2021. A sneaky Sith Lord is making his way onto final order cut off with his first appearance. If you’re not familiar, final order cutoff is when the distributor locks orders and the publishers then print accordingly. So, if you want to absolutely guarantee you get a book, get your order in before then.

First off, according to Mike Mayhew, the first appearance of a new Sith Lord, Darth Krall, occurs in High Republic #7. He’s selling an exclusive through his stores and affiliate stores tomorrow morning which features the villain.

High Republic #7 Mike Mayhew Studio Exclusive July 2nd at 9am PST

If you want to try and grab Darth Krall’s first appearance for cover price or less, High Republic #7 is coming up on final order cut off this coming Monday and has the first John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant to feature a High Republic era character. Of course, the art hasn’t been revealed, but I’m betting it’s Darth Krall. If I’m wrong and it’s Keeve Trennis, I’ll be happy with that as well, though. There’s also an unrevealed 1:25 Height incentive variant that also might feature Krall.

UPDATE: Well, I was wrong and the JTC Variant does feature Keeve Trennis and not Darth Krall.

The War of the Bounty Hunters continues with Star Wars #15:

Star Wars Adventures #7 is on FOC and Brokenshire Cover B features the first cover appearance of the Sidon Ithano (Crimson Corsair)! This would also be his first full appearance after cameos in The Force Awakens Adaptation #3 and Star Wars Adventures Ashcan.

Crimson Corsair on Star Wars Adventures #7 Cover B Brokenshire

Finally, for those who like to read in trade paperback form, Volume 1 of IDW’s Star Wars Adventures trade paperback is on FOC: Star Wars Adventures TPB Vol 01 Light & Dark. It collects Star Wars Adventures ## 1-6 of the 2020 Star Wars Adventures series.

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