Star Wars Firsts and Keys 6/30/2021: High Republic and War of the Bounty Hunters

New comic book day is here again and it’s time to see what treats the local comic shop has in store for us as far a Star Wars first appearances and key events go!

Watch out, there are big spoilers ahead, so read on at your own risk. As always, we’ll add the first appearances and keys from this list to our sister site and Star Wars comic database,

High Republic #6


First up in today’s releases is High Republic #6. We’ve already noted that the Unknown Comics Marco Turini cover is Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh’s first cover appearance. You can grab a trade dress here or a virgin cover here.

Looking to the interiors, Jedi Master Stellan Gios makes a cameo in true Star Wars comics fashion, via hologram. Stellan Gios made a first cover appearance on High Republic #1 Second Print, and Mike Mayhew has a beautiful set of Stellan Gios covers for High Republic #5. High Republic #6, however, is Stellan’s first interior comic appearance.

Next, Keeve Trennis introduces us to a new member of staff on Starlight Beacon, a doctor, Gino’Le. He’s a large centipede-esque reptilian. It’s unknown whether he’s a Jedi, but it doesn’t seem so right now. He’s not an expert in the “faith” and calls Trennis, a Jedi Knight, “Master”:

Finally, while High Republic #4 mentioned the Great Progenitor, presumably the controller of the Drengir hive mind, this is the first time the Great Progenitor has show up. As you can see, High Republic #4 re-tells a portion of Claudia Gray’s Into the Dark, mentioning that some Jedi awoke the Great Progenitor, but not necessarily showing the Great Progenitor as distinct from generic Drengir:

High Republic #4

High Republic #6 makes no bones about it, the Great Progenitor appears. First as a vision while Keeve and Sskeer are inside the Drengir hive mind:

Next, as a flash forward to the planet Mulita, where the Great Progenitor is to be found:

Doctor Aphra #11

First up, Cover A and the Comic Book Exclusives cover are tied for Durge’s first cover appearance in new canon.

Durge first appeared in Republic #51 (Dark Horse 2003) and made his first ever cover appearance on Republic #52 (Dark Horse 2003). Since Disney’s establishment of the new canon, Durge first appeared in a last page, one-panel cameo in last month’s Doctor Aphra #10. Durge is unmistakenly throughout Doctor Aphra #11 as his first cull new canon comic appearance. He’s walking, talking, blasting, and the comic names names.

Next up, we get minor first full appearances of Ebban Drake, Domina Tagge’s distant cousing, and his ship the Opal Empress. He was referenced and shown in Doctor Aphra #10 in cameo. However, it looks like he won’t be sticking around…

Just Lucky and Ariole’s Sixth Kin mentor, Crae, makes a second flashback cameo here, after his hologram cameo in Doctor Aphra #10, however #11 is the first appearance of Just Lucky and Ariole’s ship, The Fleeting:

Finally, we get some unnamed depictions of people attending Crimson Dawn’s auction of Han Solo:

The two in the center we’ve seen before. The Hutt is most likely Jabba. Jabba has yellow eyes and Bokku the Hutt has blue eyes, so it’s probably Jabba. The bald Umbaran is Sly Moore. We discussed all her appearances over here. Ziggy Stardust over there seems to be a new character. The character on the left is an unmasked Vukorah, Unbroken Clan general, who first appeared in Bounty Hunters #3. The Falleen could be any number of Black Sun syndicate bosses from Xizor to Ziton Moj or could be a brand new Falleen character. Xizor first appears in Shadows of the Empire #1. Ziton Moj first appears in Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir #2. This goateed Falleen differs from both Xizor and Zito Moj in his depiction, though. Time will tell. Turns out this Falleen is Gyuti as confirmed by Doctor Aphra #12. This is Gyuti’s first cameo appearance in a comic, and his first full appearance is Doctor Aphra #12. He appears in the novels Aftermath: Life Debt and Aftermath: Empire’s End.

Ziton Moj, Son of Dathomir #2
Xizor in Shadows of the Empire #1

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