SPOILERS: Star Wars Bad Batch Episode 8 “Reunion” Comic Book Spec

Episode 8, Reunion, of the Disney+ series, The Bad Batch just released today and we’ve got some revelations that may have you searching out some key comics! You can find these first appearances and key comics, plus tons more over at our sister site WookyWiki.com, the Star Wars comics first appearance and key issue database!

First off, yes, there will be massive spoilers ahead. So, if you haven’t watched Episode 8 of the Bad Batch yet, do that first!

  1. Crosshair in Trouble

The Bad Batch have a defector since episode 1, Crosshair. In this episode, Crosshair ends up badly injured.

Crosshair’s plan to trap the Bad Batch in an ion engine chamber backfires. Of course, we know from the last episode that the Jedi cruiser on Baccara, where this episode takes place, has an operational medical bay in it. The Bad Batch removed their inhibitor chips in Episode 7 with that medical bay last week. Crosshair, having just taken a massive dose of ion engine exhaust and heat to the face, is left badly wounded, being carted away, head wrapped in gauze and a respirator on his face.

Does this mean he will discover his inhibitor chip and remove it? Will anything change his mind about his loyalty? I’ve also been scrounging around for any connection to Task Force 99 from the 2015 Marvel Star Wars series from Jason Aaron. The sniper in that Stormtrooper squad is named “Misty.” Does Crosshair’s ongoing need for respiration create misty condensation on his helmet? Is he renamed Misty because of his raspy voice, made even raspier by this ion engine accident?

Of course, this could all be grasping at straws and amount to nothing, but I’m just spitballing theories. If you want to put your money on Task Force 99, these are their key issues, however, nothing has been confirmed as them being the same characters as the Bad Batch.

Task Force 99 Key Issues:

  • Star Wars #9 (2015): Gamemaster mentioned (later revealed as Sergeant Kreel, designated Agent 5241 of SCAR Squadron or Task Force 99.)
  • Star Wars #10 (2015): First Appearance of Gamemaster (later revealed as Sergeant Kreel, designated Agent 5241of SCAR Squadron or Task Force 99). It is unlikely Hunter is the same person as Sergeant Kreel as Kreel’s homeworld is Chagar IX (not Kamino like all clones) and he lacks Hunter’s half-skull face tattoo.
  • Star Wars #11 (2015): Gamemaster identified as Agent 5241.
  • Star Wars #12 (2015): Gamemaster revealed as Sergeant Kreel
  • Star Wars #19 (2015): First cameo of SCAR Squadron (Task Force 99)(unnamed), an elite Imperial stormtrooper squad led by Sergeant Kreel. SCAR stands for Special Commando Advanced Recon trooper.
  • Star Wars #21 (2015): First Appearance of SCAR Squadron (Task Force 99). There is unsubstantiated speculation that the Bad Batch in Disney+’s May 2021 series (Clone Force 99) become SCAR Squadron (Task Force 99).

Admittedly, some issues like #21 are already creeping up into the $20 range. So, if you can find these books in local comic shop back issue bins, that’s the route to go.

2. Cad Bane

Cad Bane (and his droid, Todo 360) show up to collect a bounty! Although the empire want the Bad Batch (including Omega) terminated, the Kaminoans want Omega returned alive. She is part of some contingency plan they have in place. Bane doesn’t confirm who his client is, stating only that it’s “classified”.

Key Cad Bane and Todo 360 issues:

Again, the Web Comic trade paperback is already an almost $200 book simply because of Cad Bane’s appearance and the lack of availability of those comics anywhere else in print. Darth Maul 2 and 3 are already $25 to $60 books right now so there’s little chance that any of these Cad Bane key issues will immediately jump in price enabling you to make some sort of gain on your investment. These are more likely to be slow gainers based on Cad Bane’s continued popularity.

That’s it for now! Short and sweet!

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