Preview: Darth Vader #13 (Marvel)

Darth Vader takes on IG-88 with Ochi of Bestoon in next week’s Darth Vader #13! Check out the preview below!

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A couple things I noted: First, IG-88 seems to have employed a small cadre of modified KX-Series Imperial Security droids (same droid as K-2SO). Whether or not they are expendable, we’ll see. I also did some digging into the Umbaran in Palpatine’s inner circle (a.k.a. Sly Moore). It looks like Greg Pak is going to continue to use her in his Darth Vader arc, so we should learn a little about her comic publishing history.

Sly Moore made her first cameo in the Episode II Attack of the Clones Trade Paperback from Dark Horse (April 2002). She then makes numerous cameos in individual issues including Attack of the Clones 1, 3, Republic 61, 64, Jedi: Yoda, and Obsession 2. However, these are all in the same vein, with Sly standing to one side of Palpatine, looking stoic and not doing much.

This trend continued during the new Disney canon in Mace Windu 5 and Darth Vader 16 (2017):

All the way up until Pak’s very own run, Sly Moore hasn’t really uttered a word or do anything except stand there. How menacing! In Darth Vader #8 (2020), Sly Moore shows up during Vader’s trials of penance imposed upon him by Palpatine. She shows up as Palpatine’s representative, flanked by Death Troopers and acting as Ochi’s handler. She speaks, but she is referred to merely as “Umbaran”, her species, not her name. So far, in issues 10, 11, and 12, she has not been named by her given name in a comic.

At any rate, on with the preview of Darth Vader #13! You can grab a pre-order of Darth Vader #13 over at TFAW!


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