First Appearance Alert: Deathstick Cameo in Bounty Hunters #13 Out Tomorrow

Bounty Hunters #13 is out tomorrow and we have a sneak peek at one of the reveals inside the pages!

We knew Deathstick was coming, but weren’t entirely sure when. She was mentioned in solicits and appeared on covers for upcoming issues. Well, here she is! This looks like a full page spread with no name or dialogue. So, in the parlance of the collecting community, this will likely be dubbed a “cameo.” Copies are drying up on Ebay, TFAW is sold out, and so are some of the other bigger online retailers. Your best bet is to race down to your local comic shop tomorrow. We’ll be adding all the verified information in this post to our sister site,, the Star Wars Comics First Appearance and Key Issue Database!

Deathstick is a new character under that mask. This isn’t some lame let down of a reveal where it’s Mon Mothma or something under that mask.

Deathstick is the daughter of the Nightsister witch, Shelish. She grew up in the Outer Rim territories and began as a street criminal. She gained notoriety through highly public assassinations of gang leaders. Deathstick had a run-in with the Empire which cost her the majority of her face which is why she wears the mask. She first appeared in the Kabam mobile game, Star Wars: Uprising.

Shelish first appeared in a collection of short stories by George Mann called Myths & Fables.

The next question becomes, what will Deathstick’s first full comics appearance be?

We know that she shows up on the cover of Bounty Hunters #14 on July 7. This will likely be her first cover appearance unless we get a store exclusive variant between now and then.

Her shadow later shows up on the Camuncoli Cover A of Bounty Hunters #15, but this is on August 4, 2021, well after Bounty Hunters #14.

Between tomorrow and July 7, we have the following issues coming out in the War of the Bounty Hunters crossover. She could make her first full appearance in any one of them, so eyes peeled.

June 16, 2021

Star Wars #14


Variant gallery:

Cover A

June 23, 2021

Darth Vader #13


Variant Gallery:

Cover A

June 30, 2021

Doctor Aphra #11


Cover A

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