First Appearance Alert: Bounty Hunters #12 First Comics Appearance of Caviness Thorn

Bounty Hunters #12 is out today and a new character in the ever-expanding cast of hunters, rogues, and scoundrels has appeared. During a flashback about Beilert Valance’s past with Han Solo, we meet the leader of a bounty hunter crew named Caviness Thorn. His helmet is reminiscent of Old Republic Manadlorian masks, but not quite the same as Galactic Civil War Era Mandalorian masks. In other words, it has no vertical part of the visor down the center. Any Mandalorian connection is, of course, just speculation.

For one reason or another Valance has run afoul of this crew. Caviness tipped of the Pyke security that Valance is a Hutt agent. Again, for unknown reasons at this point. Caviness invites Valance on a job, if he survives the confrontation with the Pykes.

Long story short, the target of this job is one that Valance can’t in good conscience take out. So, Valance finds himself yet another enemy in Caviness Thorn. Will Caviness show up in War of the Bounty Hunters to repay Valance the sleight? We’ll see!

You can grab Bounty Hunters #12 over at TFAW!

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