Winner Announcement: Star Wars Age of Republic Count Dooku JTC Negative Space Anakin Variant

Last week, we started a giveaway post for a copy of John Tyler Christopher’s Exclusive Anakin Skywalker Negative Space Variant for Age of Republic Count Dooku! We asked for suggestions of missing issues and characters from our ever-evolving, growing, and updating Star Wars comics first appearance and key issue database, and got 12 responses. Actually pretty low for such a hard to come by variant selling for $120+ on ebay. At any rate, over the next week we’ll be adding the following to WookyWiki in addition to our regularly scheduled updates as our fact-finding research continues!

  • Pash
  • Darth Wyyrlok
  • Wald
  • Embo
  • Kazuda
  • The Darker
  • Kirak Infil’a
  • Mangan tolvan
  • Xesh
  • Aiolin Astarte
  • Morit Astarte
  • Darth Treya
  • Tenel Ka Djo
  • Plus more…

John Tyler Christopher sold this issue through invite only on his website and it purportedly the available copies are limited to around 1,000 copies. JTC was kind enough to send us a copy to give away! So thanks for that.

Alright, no more stalling. Down to the drawing. My process was to enter all valid entries into an excel spreadsheet in order that the comments were made. Then I head to and “roll a dice” randomly generating a number from 1-6. I use that number to determine how many times I randomize number 1-12 (the number of entries). The dice roll was 4 and I randomized number 1-12 4 times.

So, the winner is……drum roll……..

Entry #9, Andrew Berke (ein)!

Contact us at and we’ll get this great book sent out to you today!

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