Medicom Announce MAFEX The Mandalorian IG-11

Medicom have announced their upcoming MAFEX IG-11 figure depicting the assassin droid from Season 1 of the Mandalorian. Now, Bandai already released the SH Figuarts IG-11 that I must say, I’m pretty pleased with. Looks like aftermarket prices on those are scraping $300-400. Sheez. So, the question becomes, what does the MAFEX IG-11 come with that the SH Figuarts version doesn’t already offer. A tea set seems to be the answer. Check out the images and official information from Medicom below and stay tuned for pre-order info!

IG-11 is scheduled to release January 2022.


From Medicom:

Both the best form and outstanding movable area!
The strongest action figure!
Scheduled to be released in January 2022
Mafex No.158

Reference retail price ¥ 10,780 (tax included)

Prototype production PERFECT-STUDIO

● Height approx. 185 mm
-"IG-11" appears from "The Mandalorian"!
● "Glow Goo (TM)" carry bag,
Tea set, blaster,
Includes a long blaster!
-Reproduce the chest self-destruct device by replacing it!
-Die-cast parts are used for the ankles!
-Comes with a movable figure stand!

* We are shooting a sample under supervision.
It may be different from the released product.

(C) & TM Lucasfilm Ltd.

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