Master Versus Apprentice, Palpatine Versus Vader, in the Marvel Darth Vader #11 Preview!

Emperor Palpatine first broke Vader after his Darth’s rebellious, self-interested crusade. Palpatine stripped him of his robotic limbs, forbid him from using the force, and left him smoldering on the shores of Mustafar’s lakes of lava. Then, Sheev sent Ochi of Bestoon to assassinate Vader. All these attempts did was make Vader angrier. Making his way to Exegol, Vader is on a collision course with his master! And, if you think you can’t get quality Kaiju action in Star Wars, you’d be mistaken. Star Wars is everything all the time. Check out a giant space squid battling two space lobsters and Vader versus Palpatine in the brand new preview of next week’s Darth Vader #11 from Marvel and Greg Pak below!

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