SPOILERS: New Hasbro Bad Batch Crosshair Figure Image Leak Reveals Plot Detail

Ok, it’s rare that I post spoilers on my site. I don’t really like to spoil things and people are pretty vehement about not seeing them. So, I will do my best to give you adequate warning here.

Images of the packaging of a second Crosshair Black Series figure, differing from the one already available for pre-order, have surfaced along with potential massive spoilers.

So, SPOILERS START AFTER THIS PARAGRAPH. Here’s a nice Bad Batch logo if your eyes need a point to turn around and head back away from the spoilers.

Recently, we’ve been discussing speculation around the Bad Batch and some certain troopers who have already appeared in Star Wars comics:

Tarkin may win out in the end and reprogram these clones into Task Force 99….Clone Force 99 is organized under Sergeant “Hunter” whose homeworld is Kamino (like all clones). Task Force 99 is organized under Sergeant Kreel whose homeworld is Chagar IX. Hunter has a half-face skull tattoo whereas Kreel does not (so it appears). Kreel joins SCAR Squadron (Task Force 99) after his undercover mission with Grakkus the Hutt on Nar Shadaa (Star Wars 10-12 (2015)). He joins as their sergeant and states in issue 21 that their prior sergeant had been with them “for years”. He could be referring to Hunter, but we don’t know right now. The rest of the squad could be reprogrammed clones, but again, that’s just a speculative leap at this point….Kreel [and SCAR Squadron first appear[] in #19, and the squadron is first identified by name in Star Wars #21. I’ll note that issue 19 is what I would call a cameo[, making #21 Task Force 99/ SCAR Squadron’s first full comics appearance. ]

Ok, so that’s what I wrote on March 30, 2021. I was skeptical Clone Force 99 and Task Force 99/SCAR Squadron are the same. It still could all fall apart between here and the end of the Bad Batch series.

Here’s the brand new spoiler. YakFace reported a leaked image of the back character blurb from the packaging of a second Crosshair Black Series figure:

Ok, so saying that one member of Bad Batch has his allegiance shift to the empire is a far cry from stating all members get reprogrammed and turned into the loyal imperial Task Force 99. It is a step in that direction, though.

If you’re speculating on comics increasing in value based on this potential storyline, Star Wars #19 (2015) (Task Force 99’s first cameo), and Star Wars #21 (2015) (Task Force 99’s first full comic appearance) are the front runners right now. Do what you will with that info.

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