Giveaway Winner Announcement: Mike Mayhew High Republic #4 Shadow Variant

Ok, everywookiee, I’m a little late on this. I meant to do the drawing last Friday, but got sidetracked. Anyway, better late than never!

Today, we are drawing the winner of the Mike Mayhew Store Exclusive High Republic #4 Shadow Variant featuring Avar Kriss lighting the darkness with the emerald glow of her hilted lightsaber!

First, my process. I listed all entrants in order that they entered into an excel spreadsheet.

Next, I used to decide how many times I would randomize results out of 6. The result was 4 randomizations.

Then, I set the number generator 1-25 (number of entrants) and randomized 4 times. The results was…..Johnny V! You are the winner! Go ahead and hit up the “Contact” page to claim your prize. We’ll ship out in the next week or so once we receive the book from Mike Mayhew!

Better luck next time to all who missed out on this Mayhew variant. Thanks for entering, everywookiee, and stay tuned today for another giveaway!

One thought on “Giveaway Winner Announcement: Mike Mayhew High Republic #4 Shadow Variant

  1. Congrats Johnny. If you don’t want it. I’ll gladly take it out your hands lol jk jk. Congrats man!!!

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